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Trump was insensitive in call to widow – soldier’s mother

The mother of a US soldier who was killed in action says the president showed "disrespect". Source: BBC

Nikki Haley urges U.N. to adopt Trump’s approach to Iran

U.S. ambassador says policies toward Iran should address all aspects of its "destructive conduct"

Understanding the coevolving web of life as a network

Coevolution, which occurs when species interact and adapt to each other, is often studied in the context of pair-wise interactions between mutually beneficial symbiotic partners. But many species have mutualistic interactions with multiple partners, leading to complex networks of interacting species.

Nature or nurture? Innate social behaviors in the mouse brain

The brain circuitry that controls innate, or instinctive, behaviors such as mating and fighting was thought to be genetically hardwired. Not so, neuroscientists now say.

Ancient, lost, mountains in the Karoo reveals the secrets of massive extinction event

A researcher studied the fossil-rich sediments present in the Karoo, deposited during the tectonic events that created the Gondwanides, and found that the vertebrate animals in the area started to either go extinct or become less common much earlier than what was previously thought.

Croc suspected of killing dementia patient euthanized

Official says 14-foot saltwater crocodile's unusual behavior was a giveaway the killer had been found

Tillerson lays out Trump administration’s Asia strategy

U.S. tilts toward India and applies pressure on China, Tillerson said, ahead of Trump's Asia visit in November

Universal Credit: MPs to debate rollout amid Labour pause call

People are being "pushed towards destitution", senior Labour MP says, amid calls for a pause to rollout. Source: BBC

Victory in Raqqa, the city ISIS considered its capital, came at a price

The commander of the Raqqa offensive said the city will be rebuilt, but the extremists did damage that can never be repaired

Militias declare victory in city ISIS considered its capital

CBS News' Holly Williams was one of few American journalists who witnessed the celebration Monday as U.S.-backed forces were close to liberating Raqqa from ISIS. On Tuesday, militias declared victory in the city. As Williams reports, that victory came at a terrible price.

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Brexit: May offers more assurances to EU nationals

Ahead of a key summit, Theresa May vows to make it as easy as possible for them to stay in the UK. Source: BBC

“Cada día me aseguraban que me iban a matar. Y me decían cómo”: el...

Maxim Lapunov dice que pasó 12 días en una celda, golpeado, amenazado y humillado por la policía. Este es el primer testimonio de víctimas de una persecución a hombres homosexuales que reportan grupos de activistas en la república del Cáucaso. Fuente: bbcmundo.com

Rohingya crisis: Refugees tell of ‘house by house’ killings

Refugees continue to pour into Bangladesh, adding to the world's fastest-growing humanitarian crisis. Source: BBC