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Brexit: UK position paper opposes Irish border posts

The future management of the border is one of three main priorities in the UK-EU talks. Source: BBC

N. Korea backs away from plan to launch missiles toward Guam

"This is not a big victory for Kim Jong Un. It's also not a humiliation," said a professor of international studies at South Korea's Yonsei University

Sighs of relief in Guam after Kim Jong Un backs down from missile threat...

North Korean state-run media reports leader Kim Jong Un was apparently presented with the plans to launch four ballistic missiles toward the island of Guam, but he decided to hold off for now. South Korea's president also weighed in on the threat on Tuesday. Ben Tracy reports.

2 Americans sentenced in Panama for 5 murders

U.S. citizen William Dathan Holbert was sentenced to 47 years in prison while his ex-wife Laura Reese was sentenced 26 years

The key to drought-tolerant crops may be in the leaves

Scientists are exploring how to generate plants that are more drought-resistant as the water supplies decline in major agricultural states.

Seven complete specimens of new flower, all 100 million years old

A Triceratops or Tyrannosaurus rex bulling its way through a pine forest likely dislodged flowers that 100 million years later have been identified in their fossilized form as a new species of tree.

Frogs that adapt to pesticides are more vulnerable to parasites

Amphibians can evolve increased tolerance to pesticides, but the adaptation can make them more susceptible to parasites, according to a team of scientists.

How Coast Guard tracks “tsunami of cocaine” about to hit U.S.

Step inside the nerve center that's tracking drug traffickers

Inside the U.S. Coast Guard’s operation center tracking cocaine

A wave of cocaine may be about to hit the United States, according to a Coast Guard admiral. On Monday we showed you Colombia's record growth of coca, the raw ingredient in cocaine. Now we're taking a look at how the U.S. Coast Guard is tracking the drugs in the ocean. Manuel Bojorquez reports.

Taliban “open letter” to Trump urges U.S. to leave Afghanistan

The 1,600-word note says U.S. withdrawal would "truly deliver American troops from harm's way" and bring about "an end to an inherited war"

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Trump stance on Charlottesville violence angers Republicans

Leading Republicans reject Mr Trump's view that "both sides" were to blame for Saturday's violence. Source: BBC

Birmingham bin strike called off

Acas said it had been agreed certain posts would be kept and bin collections could now resume. Source: BBC

¿A quién cita Barack Obama en el tuit con más “me gusta” en la...

El expresidente de Estados Unidos, Barack Obama, escribió tres mensajes el domingo para pronunciarse sobre los disturbios entre supremacistas blancos y opositores que ocurrieron en Charlottesville, Virginia, y que dejó un fallecido y al menos 19 heridos. El martes uno de sus tuits se convirtió en el más gustado en la historia de la red social. Fuente: bbcmundo.com