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Some marine species more vulnerable to climate change than others

Certain marine species will fare much worse than others as they become more vulnerable to the effects of climate change, a new study has found.

Trump says he’d be “tougher” in Brexit talks than UK’s May

In an interview with Piers Morgan, Trump says he'd have a "different attitude" than May has toward negotiations

Scandal-hit club shuts amid groping claims

The Presidents Club says it is responding to accusations made at a men-only charity dinner. Source: BBC

Exploring the evolutionary history of the immune system

Researchers have found that human ALOX15 appears to have developed a much higher capacity to stimulate the production of these lipid mediators than the enzyme variant found in lower primates.

Donald Trump Faltering? Die-Hard Fans Refuse to Buy It

At Mr. Trump’s rallies, the candidate and the crowds draw energy and affirmation from one another, while dismissing any discouraging information.

Royal Wedding: Late pub opening hours for Harry and Meghan

Opening hours may be extended on May 18 and 19 to mark Prince Harry's big day, the Home Office says. Source: BBC

In both love and war, alligators signal size by bellowing

American alligators produce loud, low-frequency vocalizations called 'bellows'. Cognitive biologists investigated these vocalizations and found that they reveal the caller's body size. Alligators can use this information to avoid unpromising contests for mates and breeding areas.

How plants turn off genes they don’t need

New research has identified small sequences in plant DNA that act as signposts for shutting off gene activity, directing the placement of proteins that silence gene expression.

Spy poisoning is latest in string of suspicious cases in U.K.

British officials say Sergei Skripal his daughter Yulia were exposed to a rare, unspecified nerve agent

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Burger King pulls ad urging sex with World Cup stars

Fast food chain admits ad urging Russian women to procreate with soccer stars, "turned out to be too offensive"

Japan suspends missile strike drills after Trump-Kim summit

Started last year as N. Korea test-fired missiles near Japanese islands, drills now on hold as gov't says threat has eased

Mass murderer’s appeal to human rights court rejected

Anders Behring Breivik, serving 21 years for killing 77 people in bomb, shooting rampage, said prison isolation violated his rights