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DR Congo crisis: On Kasai’s hunger road

Fergal Keane reveals the crisis in DR Congo's Kasai region, where millions face starvation. Source: BBC

Trump faces tough sell to global elite at Davos

The president's trip to the World Economic Forum comes just days after his administration imposed new tariffs

Single enzyme controls two plant hormones

Scientists have isolated an enzyme that controls the levels of two plant hormones simultaneously, linking the molecular pathways for growth and defense. Similar to animals, plants have evolved small molecules called hormones to control key events such as growth, reproduction and responses to infections.

Suicide bombing at Nigerian market leaves 13 dead

Two female suicide bombers detonated their explosives at the busy market northeastern Nigeria Saturday

Gunmen kills 13 in Senegal’s restive Casamance region

The bloodshed late Saturday was the worst in years and sparked fears of renewed unrest in the south

Nutmeg’s hidden power: Helping the liver

Smelling nutmeg evokes images of fall, pumpkin pie and hot apple cider. But the spice has been used for years in traditional Chinese medicine to treat gastrointestinal illnesses. Now one group reports that they have figured out how nutmeg helps other organs, specifically the liver.

RAF centenary: Thousands watch flypast

The Queen praises the RAF's "tenacity and gallantry" before seeing display over Buckingham Palace. Source: BBC

Momentum says Labour ‘failed’ on anti-Semitism

The accusations "cannot be dismissed simply as right-wing smears", the Labour movement says. Source: BBC

Kurdish fighters face off with Turkish forces in northern Syria

Kurdish forces, a partner in the U.S. battle against ISIS, are facing off with Turkey, an American NATO ally. CBS News foreign correspondent Holly Williams reports.

Las Vegas shooting: Paddock may have planned to escape

Investigators also say they suspect Stephen Paddock "had to have some help at some point". Source: BBC

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With no proof, Trump accuses Democrats of supporting migrant caravan

At a rally in Missoula, Montana, the president accused Democrats – without evidence – of supporting a caravan of about 3,000 migrants heading for the U.S. border. The president threatens to mobilize the U.S. military and shut down the southern border to stop those migrants from entering the U.S. Chip Reid reports.

If Turkey has proof Khashoggi was killed, it’s apparently not sharing

Hours after Mike Pompeo refutes claim he's heard audio of Jamal Khashoggi's alleged murdered, Turkey backs him up, but keeps its secret

Turkey says it hasn’t shared any audio of alleged Khashoggi murder

Turkey's top diplomat confirms his government has not given the U.S. any recordings of the alleged murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had already denied hearing tapes or seeing transcripts. President Trump moved closer to acknowledging the Saudis may have played a role. Weijia Jiang reports.