How CBS News covered John McCain’s 1973 release

CBS News correspondent Bruce Dunning described McCain as "the most seriously marked" of the 108 prisoners released

An officer and a gentlewoman from the Viking army in Birka

War was not an activity exclusive to males in the Viking world. A new study shows that women could be found in the higher ranks at the battlefield.

Colombian voters appear to reject peace deal with FARC rebels

Shock outcome, comparable to Britain’s decision to leave the European Union in the Brexit vote, opens an uncertain outlook for the peace accord that took four years to negotiate

Patients ‘dying in hospital corridors’

Doctors write to the PM warning care is being compromised by 'intolerable' conditions this winter. Source: BBC

A fertilizer dearth foiled animal evolution for eons?

Earth was inhospitable to complex life for billions of years, practically suffocating evolution in a nearly oxygen-free environment. Then came a shift in phosphorus concentrations to ocean shallows, and after that, the evolution of complex life exploded, scientists report.

Trump welcomes Thailand’s junta leader at White House

Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-o-cha was greeted by the president and first lady as he arrived for talks and a working lunch on Monday

Multidrug resistant malaria spread under the radar for years in Cambodia

The most comprehensive genetic study of malaria parasites in Southeast Asia has shown that resistance to antimalarial drugs was under-reported for years in Cambodia. Researchers have shown that the parasites developed multidrug resistance to first-line treatments extremely rapidly. They found that one main resistant strain had spread aggressively in the five years before clinical resistance was reported. Delays in detecting the spread of resistance could threaten global efforts to eliminate malaria.

New Year Honours 2019: Twiggy, Palin and Pullman

The comedian is among those recognised in the New Year Honours alongside Twiggy and Philip Pulman. Source: BBC

Unraveling a major cause of sea ice retreat in the Arctic Ocean

Quantitative analysis has evidenced the acceleration system of melting ice: dark water surfaces absorb more heat than white ice surfaces, thus melting ice and making more water surfaces in the Arctic Ocean.

Naked mole-rats defy conventions of aging and reproduction

Naked mole-rats live in colonies of two breeders and around 300 non-breeding workers. Although the breeding pair carries the metabolic cost of reproduction and, in the queen's case, lactation, they live longer than non-breeders and remain fertile throughout their lives. Researchers investigated the genetic mechanisms beneath this apparent paradox.

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