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Operation Sanctuary: How police brought down a network of sex offenders

It is the biggest investigation into sexual exploitation by Northumbria Police. Source: BBC

Tesco and Unilever end price dispute

The BBC understands Unilever gave some ground to resolve issues affecting the supply of leading brands including Marmite to Tesco. Source: BBC

U.S. coroner investigates Otto Warmbier’s death

The 22-year-old college student​ died shortly after his return to the U.S. after nearly a year and a half in North Korean detention

Canine hyperactivity reflected in the blood count

Scientists have studied the blood count of hyperactive and impulsive dogs. The results indicate that the metabolites of phospholipids, tryptophan in particular, differ from the blood counts of the control dogs. These results are similar to previous research done on ADHD patients.

Vitamins A and C help erase cell memory

Vitamins A and C aren't just good for your health, they affect your DNA too. Researchers have discovered how vitamins A and C act to modify the epigenetic 'memory' held by cells; insight which is significant for regenerative medicine and our ability to reprogram cells from one identity to another.

Inside the Elaborate World of Gucci’s Shows

In his tenure at the house, Alessandro Michele has become known for creating intricate sets, much like the director of a film.

Rex Tillerson: Trump foreign affairs pick narrowly backed

Rex Tillerson is now set to become secretary of state, after a busy day for the new Trump presidency. Source: BBC

Agnes Nixon, Who Injected Social Ills Into Soap Operas, Dies at 93

Her “All My Children” and “One Life to Live” tackled drug addiction, abortion, child abuse and AIDS along with the usual soap tales of infidelity.

New coral reef fish species shows rare parental care behavior

The vast majority of coral reef fish produce large numbers of young that disperse into the ocean as larvae, drifting with the currents before settling down on a reef. A few reef fish, however keep their broods on the reef, protecting the young until they are big enough to fend for themselves. On a recent trip to the Philippines, researchers discovered a new species of damselfish that exhibits this unusual parental care behavior.

‘We should be sending love’

The internet decry the online jokes about Kim Kardashian West's ordeal of being robbed at gunpoint Source: BBC

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Trump stance on Charlottesville violence angers Republicans

Leading Republicans reject Mr Trump's view that "both sides" were to blame for Saturday's violence. Source: BBC

Birmingham bin strike called off

Acas said it had been agreed certain posts would be kept and bin collections could now resume. Source: BBC

¿A quién cita Barack Obama en el tuit con más “me gusta” en la...

El expresidente de Estados Unidos, Barack Obama, escribió tres mensajes el domingo para pronunciarse sobre los disturbios entre supremacistas blancos y opositores que ocurrieron en Charlottesville, Virginia, y que dejó un fallecido y al menos 19 heridos. El martes uno de sus tuits se convirtió en el más gustado en la historia de la red social. Fuente: bbcmundo.com