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Archaeologists uncover 3,000-year-old female statue at citadel gate complex in Turkey

The remains of a majestic female statue uncovered at an archaeological site in southeast Turkey may challenge our understanding of the public role of women in the ancient world. Excavations at a site near the Syrian border have unearthed a beautifully carved head and upper torso of a female figure. The remnants are largely intact, although the face and chest appear to have been intentionally -- possibly ritually -- defaced.

Dominic Raab: We can get Brexit deal done by October

But preparations have begun in case negotiations end without agreement, Brexit secretary says. Source: BBC

The Man Musicians Call When Two Tunes Sound Alike

Peter Oxendale, considered one of the world’s leading forensic musicologists, got into the profession by accident.

Python Jones ‘very proud’ of Bafta Cymru award

Monty Python's Terry Jones receives a standing ovation at the Bafta Cymru awards as he was honoured for his outstanding contribution to television and film. Source: BBC

Climate change impairs survival instincts of fish and can make them swim towards predators

Fish farms may hold the key to studying the impact of rising carbon dioxide on marine life, and help researchers understand if fish could adapt to climate change.

Jeremy Corbyn: Labour on the threshold of power

The Labour leader will tell his party conference the general election has "put the Tories on notice". Source: BBC

Belfast man catches 19 rats in 24 hours at home

A man who caught 19 rats at his house within a 24-hour period says his young family have been forced to leave their home. Source: BBC

Traffic noise reduces wild owls’ foraging efficiency

Traffic noise reduces the foraging efficiency of wild owls by up to 89 percent, a team of researchers has found. The team's world-first study examined how different levels of such noise affect the hunting efficiency of these nocturnal predators, which employ a keen auditory sense to locate prey in the darkness.

Catalan president says his state has won right to independence

Catalan president Carles Puigdemont said Sunday that Catalonia "has won the right to become an independent state"

Aftermath of missile strike on Syria

The Pentagon says the Assad regime's chemical weapons program was all but destroyed, after President Trump and British and French allies ordered missile strikes this weekend. The operation came after a purported chemical weapons attack in Douma last weekend, which the Syrian government maintains never happened. Seth Doane talked with a scientist who worked at a facility that was bombed.

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Westminster car crash: Man charged with attempted murder

Salih Khater will appear in court charged with the attempted murder of pedestrians and police. Source: BBC

Parecían la familia perfecta hasta que la esposa y sus dos hijas aparecieron muertas

Chris y Shanann Watts mostraban su vida aparentemente feliz en las redes sociales. Compartían fotos de sus vacaciones con sus hijas, Bella y Celeste. Para sus amigos y vecinos parecían la familia perfecta. Hasta que ella y las niñas fueron asesinadas y él detenido como sospechoso. Fuente: Cnnenespanol.com

Brexit vote campaign gets £1m from Superdry co-founder

Multi-millionaire tycoon says he donated because "we have a genuine chance to turn this around". Source: BBC