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The hospitals that fail to treat patients on time

Nearly one in five local hospital services have failed to hit their key waiting time targets for a whole year. Source: BBC

Migrant workers send home £8bn to families

The UN says money sent home pays for school, but too much is taken in transfer charges. Source: BBC

‘Legal highs’: Street dealers now main source of supply after ban

While a ban has led to a "considerable reduction" in use of the drugs, street dealers are active. Source: BBC

‘Ditch the witch’: Julia Gillard shocked by ‘vile’ abuse while Australian PM

Australia's first female PM Julia Gillard tells BBC 100 Women she was taken aback by gendered insults. Source: BBC

Brexit: PM to continue battle for withdrawal deal

Theresa May is to use a speech to business leaders to say it will deliver a fair immigration system. Source: BBC

Energy firms likely to miss smart meter deadline, warns Which?

Which? says suppliers would have to triple their installation rate to reach the 2020 deadline. Source: BBC

California wildfires: Finland bemused by Trump raking comment

The Finnish leader is not sure where Donald Trump got the idea that Finland rakes its forest floors. Source: BBC

Theresa May: Brexit won’t be easier if I’m ousted

The prime minister is under pressure from Brexiteers over her draft deal for leaving the EU. Source: BBC

California wildfires: Trump visits state’s deadliest blaze

The toll from the Camp Fire in California has risen to 76 with more than 1,200 people reported missing. Source: BBC

Two-year degree plan to cut cost of tuition fees

Students are promised the option of an accelerated degree course to save a year of tuition fees. Source: BBC

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Lawmakers denounce Trump’s backing of Saudis, despite Khashoggi killing

Republicans and Democrats condemned Trump's decision to stand by Saudi Arabia, despite CIA's assessment of the Saudi journalist's murder

Trump backs Saudi Arabia despite killing of journalist

President Trump issued a statement standing by the U.S. alliance with Saudi Arabia despite the CIA's assessment that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman ordered the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. CBS News political correspondent Ed O'Keefe joins CBSN with more.

Trump defends Saudi Arabia ties despite Khashoggi murder

The president points to Saudi investments in the US amid anger over writer Jamal Khashoggi's murder. Source: BBC