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Army chief to call for investment to keep up with Russia

The warning comes amid speculation of potential defence cuts in government. Source: BBC

Brownhills stabbing: Victim named as Mylee Billingham

A 54-year-old man, who is in hospital, was arrested in connection with the death of Mylee Billingham. Source: BBC

Snow, ice and flooding affecting the UK

Met Office warnings are in place in Scotland, north Wales, parts of England and Northern Ireland. Source: BBC

Kabul: Gunmen shot Intercontinental Hotel diners – eyewitness

Foreigners at the Intercontinental Hotel were deliberately targeted, an eyewitness told the BBC. Source: BBC

US shutdown: Trump and Democrats blame each other

Recriminations start after the US Senate fails to pass a new budget, leading to a shutdown of services. Source: BBC

Kabul: Gunmen attack Intercontinental Hotel

At least four gunmen launched the attack on Intercontinental Hotel, Afghan officials say. Source: BBC

Syria: Turkey war planes launch strikes on Afrin

Turkey launches air strikes on US-backed militants in Afrin, opening a new front in Syria. Source: BBC

Theresa May to meet Donald Trump in Davos

The meeting comes after the US president cancelled plans for a trip to London in February. Source: BBC

Las Vegas shooting: Police say gunman’s girlfriend won’t face charges

Police say they still do not know the motive for October's mass shooting that caused 58 deaths. Source: BBC

Ministers won’t fight serial rapist release

Victims will legally fight the decision to release rapist John Worboys but the government will not. Source: BBC

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