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Synthetic rhino horn ready ‘in two years’

The man behind attempts to develop synthetic rhino horn has told the BBC that he hopes to have a "bio-identical" product on the market in two years. Source: BBC

UK’s chatty fish to be recorded

A new study aims to assess whether the seas around Britain have now got so noisy that fish species like cod and haddock have difficulty communicating with each other. Source: BBC

Be Cleopatra not a Kardashian, girls advised

Young women should model themselves on Shakespeare's heroines instead of reality stars like Kim Kardashian West, says top head teacher. Source: BBC

Ben Smith’s 401 marathons challenge set for Bristol finish

A runner is set to complete the final run of his 401 marathon challenge which started last September to raise awareness of bullying. Source: BBC

BT Sport criticised for ‘insulting’ spoof pub letter

Pub landlords criticise an "offensive" advert claiming their premises would be "delightfully empty" if they did not sign up to BT Sport. Source: BBC

Is so-called Islamic State finished?

As so-called Islamic State has lost large swathes of land, fighters and money, what does this mean for the Islamist militant group? Source: BBC

Why have so many Prime Ministers gone to Oxford University?

Why does Oxford University produce so many prime ministers? Source: BBC

Chasing the Sun

Astronomer Annie Maunder achieved many firsts in her lifetime, but her story has slipped from history. Source: BBC

Patrick Jackson: Teenagers blog aftermath of Italian quake

If the 24 August earthquake pulverised their villages, then some young Italians are determined not to let it atomise their heritage, Patrick Jackson reports. Source: BBC

The brutal Bangkok crackdown that was hushed up for years

Heavily armed Thai forces stormed Thammasat University campus, killing dozens of students to end protests and usher in another period of military rule. Source: BBC

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World Cup: Final scores for Tuesday’s matches

Colombia and Russia were victorious on Tuesday

Twins killed together during World War II finally reunited after 74 years

The inseparable Pieper twins, whose service on the same ship ran against standard military policy, have been reunited

Machine learning may be a game-changer for climate prediction

New research demonstrates that machine-learning techniques can be used to accurately represent clouds and their atmospheric heating and moistening, and better represent clouds in coarse resolution climate models, with the potential to narrow the range of climate prediction. This could be a major advance in accurate predictions of global warming in response to increased greenhouse gas concentrations that are essential for policy-makers (e.g. the Paris climate agreement).