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Deutsche Bank: What’s the risk?

Worries over Deutsche Bank's health are dragging down its share price - and those of the rest of the world's banks in its wake. Are we on the brink of a new modern banking crisis? Source: BBC

Alliance or abuse?

Europe grapples with what to do with married child migrants - separate them from their spouses, or risk condoning child abuse? Source: BBC

US ‘protecting Syria jihadist group’ – Russia’s Lavrov

The US trying to spare a Syrian jihadist group in case it is needed to unseat the country's president, the Russian foreign minister tells the BBC. Source: BBC

Tom Symonds: Visible progress needed in abuse probe

Visible progress is "badly needed" for the child sexual abuse inquiry in England and Wales after a number of setbacks, writes BBC home affairs correspondent Tom Symonds. Source: BBC

Ann Emery, star of Rentaghost and Billy Elliot, dies at 86

Ann Emery, the veteran actress who played Ethel Meaker in children's show Rentaghost, dies at the age of 86. Source: BBC

A longer life

As a report suggests younger generations have less wealth than their parents, here are the ways being born in the 90s makes your life better. Source: BBC

Conwy 140mph biker caught by his own camera

Two motorcyclists showed "utter disregard" for road users by reaching speeds of 140mph and pulling "wheelies" on country roads, a judge has said. Source: BBC

Russia spends ‘fortune’ on bridge to Crimea

A massive construction project has begun in Russia to build a 19km bridge to its newest region, Crimea, after it was annexed from Ukraine. Source: BBC

Rosetta probe crashes into its comet

Europe’s Rosetta probe ends its mission to Comet 67P by crash-landing on to the icy object’s surface. Source: BBC

Counting the cost

A recent raft of bold economic measures signal Saudi Arabia's financial woes, but will they be effective, asks Michael Stephens. Source: BBC

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México y la Unión Europea alcanzan un nuevo tratado comercial

El acuerdo es una medida de México para alejarse de su dependencia en el comercio con Estados Unidos. Fuente: Cnnenespanol.com

El atacante de Waffle House pensaba que Taylor Swift lo estaba acechando y mostraba...

El sospechoso del ataque con arma que dejó cuatro personas muertas y al menos otras cuatro heridas, tiene varios reportes de incidentes relacionados con su salud mental. Travis Reinking tenía pensamientos delirantes con la estrella del pop Taylor Swift, de quien dice lo estaba persiguiendo. Fuente: Cnnenespanol.com

Human Rights Watch acusa al gobierno de Rafael Correa de presionar a jueces

La organización Human Right Watch (HRW) acusó al exgobierno de Ecuador que estuvo liderado por Rafael Correa de injerencia política en el poder judicial. Unas acusaciones que Correa calificó como "basadas en un documento falso". Fuente: Cnnenespanol.com