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Secretly adopted

Imagine finding out the people you thought were your parents are in fact your aunt and uncle. It happens when a couple cannot conceive - and a brother or sister gives them a baby to bring up. Source: BBC

The waiting game: Aboard the Mediterranean’s migrant rescue boats

A small fleet of humanitarian volunteers keeps watch for migrants making the perilous journey across the Mediterranean. Source: BBC

Torn at birth

The problem of women being torn during childbirth has for years been exacerbated by improper care and an unwillingness to speak about the issue, experts say. Two women want to change this. Source: BBC

Lemons and limeys

James Lind is remembered as the man who helped to conquer a killer disease but why did the Royal Navy take nearly 50 years to act on his findings? Source: BBC

Barnsley and Middlesbrough see pupil exclusion rises of 300%

The number of pupils expelled from schools in some parts of England has risen by more than 300% in three years. Source: BBC

The woman competing with Kinshasa’s male sapeurs

Female dandy Barbara Yves shows there is no need to be a man to join the sapeur fashion movement in the Democratic Republic of Congo's capital, Kinshasa. Source: BBC

Syria conflict: US suspends talks with Russia

The US suspends talks with Russia over Syria, accusing Moscow of failing to "live up" to its commitments under a truce deal - a claim denied by the Kremlin. Source: BBC

Lonely struggle

Spanish whistle-blower Ana Garrido tells James Badcock how exposing murky deals in the ruling Popular Party ruined her life. Source: BBC

Killer bots

Could text-based chatbots be about to take over from the all-conquering smartphone app? Source: BBC

Jeans dreams

How the French city where denim originated is making jeans again. Source: BBC

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John Bercow ‘to quit as Speaker next summer’

News of John Bercow's plans follows damning report into the Commons' handling of bullying cases. Source: BBC

Brexit: ‘No optimism’ for summit breakthrough, says Donald Tusk

The European Council president calls for new ideas but Theresa May is standing by her plan. Source: BBC

Narcotráfico en México: la misteriosa vida de las familias de los capos de la...

De los líderes del narcotráfico mexicano suelen conocerse muchos detalles por filtraciones policíacas o “narcocorridos”. Pero sus familias permanecen en el misterio. Pocas veces se sabe de su vida cotidiana. Permanecen en un misterioso y estrecho círculo que pocas veces abandonan. Fuente: bbcmundo.com