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‘Real women’ take over pages of British Vogue

The November issue of British Vogue will be "model-free" and instead feature "real women" on its fashion pages and in editorial features. Source: BBC

Brexit means breakfast for Welsh Tory leader Davies

Welsh Conservative leader Andrew RT Davies gives colleagues some food for thought at the party conference in Birmingham, confusing Brexit with breakfast. Source: BBC

Karam Chand, 110, believed to be longest-married dies

A man who was one half of what is believed to have been the longest-married couple in the UK, dies at the age of 110. Source: BBC

Kardashian robbery

Kim Kardashian's robbers made off with $10 million worth of jewels, but how easy is it to sell on diamonds belonging to one of the world's most famous people? Source: BBC

Rise in selfie requests a surprise for Theresa May

Theresa May says she has been surprised at the number of selfie requests she has had since becoming prime minister. Source: BBC

Mass migrant rescue in Mediterranean waters

The Italian coastguard has co-ordinated the rescue of more than 6,055 migrants in one of the biggest operations in a single day. Source: BBC

Cat rescued from 12th storey ledge

An animal rescue charity films the moment a cat stuck on the ledge outside a 12th storey apartment is rescued. Source: BBC

Strange matter wins physics Nobel

The 2016 Nobel Prize in Physics has been awarded to three British-born scientists for discoveries about strange forms of matter. Source: BBC

Bob Bradley: Premier League chance with Swansea ‘special’

New boss Bob Bradley says the chance to manage Swansea in the Premier League is "special" personally and for USA football. Source: BBC

Belfast International Airport: Flights arriving but disruption remains

There is still significant disruption at Belfast International Airport after a freight plane got stuck on the runway. Source: BBC

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El segundo aniversario del gobierno de Donald Trump no fue para nada feliz

En su segundo aniversario, el gobierno Trump todavía estaba parcialmente cerrado, su número de votos se está hundiendo y los investigadores estaban rodeando su campaña y su imperio empresarial. Fuente: Cnnenespanol.com

Muere el hombre más longevo del mundo, tenía 113 años

Guiness World Records nombró a Nonaka como el hombre más longevo del mundo en abril de 2018, cuando tenía 112 años y 259 días, Fuente: Cnnenespanol.com

Demócratas reiteran su exigencia: reabrir el Gobierno antes de negociar sobre seguridad fronteriza

El rechazo de los demócratas se produjo cuando el vicepresidente Mike Pence dejó en claro que el Partido Republicano tenía la intención de seguir adelante con el plan de Trump. Fuente: Cnnenespanol.com