‘Hard Brexit’ or ‘no Brexit’ for Britain – Tusk

Britain's only alternative to a "hard Brexit" is "no Brexit", European Council President Donald Tusk says. Source: BBC

Tesco and Unilever end price dispute

The BBC understands Unilever gave some ground to resolve issues affecting the supply of leading brands including Marmite to Tesco. Source: BBC

Tyson Fury vacates WBO and WBA heavyweight titles to deal with ‘recovery’

Tyson Fury vacates his WBO and WBA world heavyweight titles to deal with his "medical treatment and recovery". Source: BBC

Tesco in dispute with Unilever over price rises

Popular products including Marmite and Pot Noodles are absent from Tesco shelves amid a dispute between the supermarket and supplier Unilever. Source: BBC

Theresa May dismisses Jeremy Corbyn’s Brexit ‘shambles’ claim

Theresa May rejects a claim by Jeremy Corbyn that she is overseeing a "shambolic Tory Brexit", instead promising an "ambitious" deal for the UK. Source: BBC

US election: Obama blasts Trump with 7-Eleven jibe

President Obama blasts Donald Trump's recent remarks about women, saying they would be intolerable even if applying for a job at a 7-Eleven store. Source: BBC

UK ‘may still have to pay into EU even after Brexit’

Whitehall officials believe the UK may need to make big payments to the EU to secure preferential trading terms after Brexit, the BBC's Newsnight learns. Source: BBC

Kim Kardashian West sues over claims she faked robbery

US reality TV star Kim Kardashian West sues a celebrity gossip website for claiming that she faked being the victim of a robbery in Paris. Source: BBC

Bailey Gwynne death: Pupil stabbing death was ‘avoidable’

A report into a fatal stabbing at an Aberdeen school has found it was "potentially avoidable" if teachers had been told a pupil carried weapons. Source: BBC

Samsung permanently stops Galaxy Note 7 production

Samsung has ceased production of its Galaxy Note 7 smartphones after reports of devices it had deemed safe catching fire. Source: BBC

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Yogurt may help to lower pre-cancerous bowel growth risk in men

Eating two or more weekly servings of yogurt may help to lower the risk of developing the abnormal growths (adenomas) which precede the development of bowel cancer -- at least in men -- finds new research.

Muerte de Edith González: la emotiva carta de despedida de la hija adolescente de...

Constanza Creel, única hija de la fallecida actriz mexicana Edith González, escribió una carta de despedida a su madre. En el documento, leído por su tío durante un programa televisivo transmitido en México, la adolescente de 14 años describe a su madre como "una persona formidable" que "venció al mundo con amor". Fuente: bbcmundo.com

Cell structure linked to longevity of slow-growing Ponderosa Pines

Slow-growing ponderosa pines may have a better chance of surviving longer than fast-growing ones, especially as climate change increases the frequency and intensity of drought, according to new research from the University of Montana.