ISIS defeat in Syria enclave a milestone, but the fight won’t end

America's battleground allies appear relaxed and an official declaration of victory is expected soon, but many ISIS militants have simply melted away

Lion Air plane malfunctioned a day before deadly crash

According to Bloomberg News, the Lion Air Boeing 737 Max jet that crashed in October had malfunctioned the day before, but on that flight an extra pilot on board knew how to correct the problem. Reuters is also reporting new details on the cockpit recording. CBS News transportation correspondent Kris Van Cleave joined CBSN with more.

FedEx a yellow flag on economy as stock falls

FedEx points to sluggish conditions in International markets and suddenly lighter express package business in U.S.

Spain’s far-right party pushes for looser gun laws

The Vox party still doesn't have any national legislators, but it has gained in popularity in recent years

Father and son, 15, are first mosque shooting victims buried

Khalid Mustafa and Hamza Mustafa fled the civil war in Syria for "the safest country in the world"

A woman just won “math’s Nobel” prize — for the first time ever

The award also comes with about $700,000

Another suspect arrested in deadly Dutch tram attack

Police said two other men who were arrested after Monday's shooting have been released and are no longer considered suspects

Bodies floating, survivors clinging to trees in Cyclone Idai’s wake

President of hard-hit Mozambique warns worst could still be yet to come as it's still raining on already inundated parts of his nation

Venezuelan opposition seizes diplomatic offices in U.S.

President Nicolás Maduro's foreign ministry warned that his government could take "reciprocal" actions in Venezuelan territory

Dead whale washes up with 88 pounds of plastic in its stomach

"This whale had the most plastic we have ever seen in a whale. It's disgusting."

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Arquidiócesis de México crea grupo para erradicar los abusos sexuales “de raíz”

Se indicó que en estos momentos hay diez casos de sacerdotes acusados de pederastia que se vienen revisando en coordinación con autoridades civiles Fuente:

Fitch Rating baja su pronóstico de crecimiento económico para México en 2019

La agencia calificadora recortó a 1,6% su estimación del PIB para este año desde un previo de 2,1%, al tomar en cuenta la desaceleración de la economía nacional en el cuarto trimestre de 2018. Fuente:

Google rinde homenaje a Johann Sebastian Bach con su primer doodle impulsado por inteligencia...

Por primera vez, Google presenta un Doodle que, a través de inteligencia artificial, es capaz de crear armonías y "componer" una canción. Fuente: