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Tillerson lays out Trump administration’s Asia strategy

U.S. tilts toward India and applies pressure on China, Tillerson said, ahead of Trump's Asia visit in November

Victory in Raqqa, the city ISIS considered its capital, came at a price

The commander of the Raqqa offensive said the city will be rebuilt, but the extremists did damage that can never be repaired

Militias declare victory in city ISIS considered its capital

CBS News' Holly Williams was one of few American journalists who witnessed the celebration Monday as U.S.-backed forces were close to liberating Raqqa from ISIS. On Tuesday, militias declared victory in the city. As Williams reports, that victory came at a terrible price.

U.K. intelligence chief says terror threat is worst of his career

MI5 Director General Andrew Parker said his agency is upgrading its capability but cannot realistically prevent all terror attacks

Taliban claim deadly trio of attacks on Afghan police

Militants launch seemingly coordinated suicide bomb, gun attacks on police compounds in 3 separate areas

North Korea says “nuclear war may break out any moment”

Nation’s deputy U.N. ambassador also claimed “entire U.S. mainland is within our firing range”

Egypt says Ramses II temple unearthed near Cairo

Head of antiquities agency says the discovery was made by Egyptian-Czech mission in the village of Abusir

Spain gives Catalans new ultimatum on independence

After deadline passes without president of Catalonia clarifying his post-referendum intentions, Madrid gives him until Thursday, or else

Dozens killed as wildfires ravage Portugal

Officials say arsonists to blame for at least some of the misery in central, northern part of country and into neighboring Spain

Pro-ISIS militant on FBI wanted list killed in battle

Philippine forces say Isnilon Hapilon, subject of $5M U.S. reward, among extremists killed in final stage of battle for Marawi

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