Inside the fierce competition of Japan’s animal cafes

Coffee and tea aren’t the main attractions at a growing number of Japanese cafes: patrons also get to spend quality time with birds, rabbits, penguins and other creatures. And while the animals may be tame, the competition among these cafes is growing fierce as the list of animal playmates gets ever more exotic. Lucy Craft reports.

Hong Kong protesters form human chains across city

Protest was inspired by The Baltic Way, where 2 million people held hands across Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia in 1989 to push back against the Soviet Union

Brazil officials call Amazon fire outrage “sensationalist”

Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaro encouraged development in the Amazon rainforest. Now he's calling global backlash "sensationalist"

Brazil’s leader says he might send military to fight Amazon fires

Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaro under increasing international pressure to contain record number of fires in Amazon

What you can do to help the burning Amazon rainforest

The Amazon is the largest rainforest in the world and vital to combating climate change — and it's on fire with no end in sight

Man charged in death of resort worker returns to Anguilla

A Connecticut man accused of killing a hotel worker in Anguilla was back on the island for a court appearance. Scott Hapgood was on vacation with his family in April when Kenny Mitchel came to their room. Errol Barnett has the latest.

Pictures from the Amazon rainforest fires in Brazil

The Amazon rainforest in Brazil has seen a record number of fires this season

Study raises concerns about microplastics in drinking water

"If you ask somebody whether they'd like their water with or without plastic, I doubt you'd get any answer other than, 'hold the plastic, please!'"

Black hole possibly swallowed neutron star, causing ripples in space

The cosmic collision could be the first example of a black hole colliding with a neutron star — possibly offering new insights into the expansion of the universe

Rapidly decaying Titanic could disappear in decades

Explorers on the first manned voyage in nearly 15 years were astonished by the famous ship's rapid decay

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El príncipe Andrés insiste en que nunca presenció o sospechó el comportamiento de Epstein

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The Dish: Chef Anya Fernald shares her signature recipes

Including sausage, chimichurri, and roasted baby carrots

Unpiloted Soyuz spacecraft aborts space station docking

Russian flight controllers hope to make a second docking attempt after troubleshooting