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Saving Singapore street food

Singapore is known for its incredible cuisine and although the ultra-modern city has high-end options, it is most famous for its street food. For generations, thousands of so-called "hawkers" have been offering savory dishes from their small stalls, but now it is under threat. Christina Ruffini reports.

AP probe hints at Julian Assange’s budding ties with Russia

Documents leaked to AP suggest WikiLeaks founder sought Russian visa right after publishing trove of U.S. diplomatic cables

If Iraqi-Kurdish tension blows up, Kirkuk will be the fuse

CBS News’ Charlie D’Agata explains the mounting tension in northern Iraq threatening a delicate U.S. alliance

Kim Kardashian West held at gunpoint in Paris, spokesperson says

Kanye West abruptly ended his show at the Meadows Festival in NYC after telling his fans he had to stop the show due to a family emergency

Body recovered from plane wreckage is Argentine soccer player

Argentinian footballer Emiliano Sala and his pilot were in a small aircraft in January when it fell off radar over the English Channel

Scientists seeking to map out plumbing system hidden inside earth’s crust

U.S. and Denmark scientists seeking to map out plumbing system hidden inside earth’s crust that’s responsible for Old Faithful geyser and other hydrothermal features at Yellowstone National Park

Gunmen dressed as mariachi musicians kill 4, wound 9 in tourist area

The Mexico City prosecutors' office said at least one foreigner was among those wounded

N. Korea backs away from plan to launch missiles toward Guam

"This is not a big victory for Kim Jong Un. It's also not a humiliation," said a professor of international studies at South Korea's Yonsei University

Shimon Peres hailed as “a soldier for Israel”

President Obama will lead the U.S. delegation traveling to Israel for the funeral of Shimon Peres on Friday. The former prime minister and president died at 93. Holly Williams reports.

Large earthquake near Fukushima; tsunami warning issued

In 2011, a magnitude 9.1 earthquake in the same region​ triggered a massive tsunami and led to almost 16,000 deaths

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Dicen que fueron abusadas sexualmente por sacerdotes y luego silenciadas. Ahora estas mujeres están...

CNN habló con mujeres que dicen ser víctimas del devastador abuso sexual, psicológico y espiritual que sufrieron dentro de la comunidad de St. John. Fuente: Cnnenespanol.com

Huawei founder says he would defy Chinese law on intel gathering

Chinese company is the largest seller of telecommunications equipment in the world

Huawei president says he would defy Chinese law on intelligence gathering

"Chinese company Huawei is the largest seller of telecommunications equipment in the world. Three billion people in 170 countries use Huawei products worldwide, and the company sells more smart phones than Apple. The Trump administration is considering banning all Huawei products from being used in the U.S., calling the company a threat to national security. Bianna Golodryga spoke with Huawei's elusive founder and president, Ren Zhengfei, who denied the allegations. "