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WikiLeaks: “Significant” leak on election, Google coming

Internet publisher dismisses claims he intends to do harm to Hillary Clinton, says she and Trump are “tormented” by ambition

Nikki Haley says U.S. will propose tougher sanctions against North Korea

At the United Nations, the U.S. raised the possibility of military force against North Korea. China and Russia announced that they oppose any use of force against the country. Ben Tracy has more on America's options.

Separate shootouts leave 2 major drug traffickers dead in Mexico

"Commandante Toro" and Francisco "Pancho" Carreon died in separate shootouts in Mexico City

Young musicians make music out of landfill trash

"60 Minutes" first showed us how music elevated the children of an impoverished area of Paraguay in 2013. The young musicians live in Cateura, a village formed from a municipal landfill. Its residents used to be known as trash pickers, but today they're known for the incredible music they make. Vladimir Duthiers caught up with the students during their trip to New York City.

5 people pulled out of avalanche hotel, 5 others being saved

Four of the five extracted alive were children, Italy’s civil protection chief said

Russia announces new Syria cease-fire agreement

Russian President Vladimir Putin says that Russia and Turkey will guarantee the truce, which is set to begin at midnight

Libyan Coast Guard threatening NGOs saving migrants

Groups like Doctors Without Borders account for almost a third of all migrant rescues in the Mediterranean, but now the groups are coming under threat from the Libyan Coast Guard. Seth Doane has more.

Iraqi forces are closing in on Mosul

Iraqi and Kurdish forces have launched a new offensive against ISIS to retake the city of Mosul. CBS News foreign correspondent Holly Williams joins CBSN from northern Iraq with the latest details on the fight to reclaim the city.

Germany taps tech to help refugees fit in

Sites and apps are popping up to help refugees learn the language, navigate the country and meet locals

No survivors in Russian plane crash

All 92 passengers and crew were killed when a Russian military plane en route to Syria went down into the Black Sea. CBS News producer Svetlana Berdnikova joins CBSN from Moscow with the latest details.

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Brexit: May offers more assurances to EU nationals

Ahead of a key summit, Theresa May vows to make it as easy as possible for them to stay in the UK. Source: BBC

“Cada día me aseguraban que me iban a matar. Y me decían cómo”: el...

Maxim Lapunov dice que pasó 12 días en una celda, golpeado, amenazado y humillado por la policía. Este es el primer testimonio de víctimas de una persecución a hombres homosexuales que reportan grupos de activistas en la república del Cáucaso. Fuente: bbcmundo.com

Rohingya crisis: Refugees tell of ‘house by house’ killings

Refugees continue to pour into Bangladesh, adding to the world's fastest-growing humanitarian crisis. Source: BBC