Inside a Ukrainian nationalist camp training kids to kill

The campers carefully aim their assault rifles. Most are in their teens, but some are as young as 8 years old

Destruction from Indonesia tsunami comes into focus

Indonesia has raised its alert status for the erupting volcano that caused a deadly tsunami over the weekend. The 16-foot tsunami killed at least 430 people on the islands of Java and Sumatra. People along the coastline are being told to stay inland due to fears of another tsunami and now air travelers are on alert. Elizabeth Palmer reports.

Island-Hopping: Tourism in the Galápagos

Expedition cruising is a rapidly-growing sector of the tourism industry that brings visitors to ecologically pristine – and vulnerable – destinations

Trump says executive order on family separation is “something we needed to do”

Trump told reporters he was "very happy" to sign the family separation order last week

“Lucky day”: 2 men speak out after missing doomed flight

One passenger called it his "lucky day" in a reflective social media post

Woman surprised by memorable note on windshield

Canadian woman thought she was getting fined; instead, she got a letter that left her speechless

French navy ready to intervene in “scallop wars”

Agriculture minister hopes French, British fishermen can negotiate a truce, because "we can't carry on having clashes like this"

Report: Iran successfully launches satellite-carrying rocket into space

Iranian state television describes launch as involving a "Simorgh" rocket that is capable of carrying a satellite weighing 550 pounds

Boris Johnson: “I think we can meet the president’s challenge” on Iran

Johnson, in cable TV appearances, is appealing to U.S. officials to stay in the pact or risk that Iran will obtain a nuclear weapon

Behind the Lens: Iceland’s Down syndrome dilemma

More than 90 percent of Icelanders trace their ancestors back to the Vikings; they're also remarkably unified on the ethical questions posed by genetic testing

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El príncipe Andrés insiste en que nunca presenció o sospechó el comportamiento de Epstein

"Su suicidio ha dejado muchas preguntas sin respuesta y reconozco y simpatizo con todos los que han sido afectados", dijo el príncipe Andrés sobre Jeffrey Epstein. Fuente:

The Dish: Chef Anya Fernald shares her signature recipes

Including sausage, chimichurri, and roasted baby carrots

Unpiloted Soyuz spacecraft aborts space station docking

Russian flight controllers hope to make a second docking attempt after troubleshooting