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Investigator “100% sure” stolen art from legendary Boston heist is in this country

Twenty-seven years ago, thieves targeted some of the highest-value art from Boston's Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

1-trillion-ton iceberg breaks away from Antarctica

Berg with twice volume of Lake Erie separates from Larsen C Ice Shelf in a calving watched closely by climatologists

Don’t hold us responsible for solving North Korea, China says

China has accused other countries of shirking their responsibilities in the effort to reduce tensions with North Korea

IOC to pick Los Angeles and Paris to host Summer Games

Mayors of L.A. and Paris emerge on stage holding hands to acclaim the decision

Probe ordered into contaminated blood scandal

British Prime Minister Theresa May ordered a public inquiry into how contaminated blood was used to treat thousands in the 1970s and '80s, killing 2,400 people

Iraqi PM declares victory in Mosul

Iraq's Prime Minister has declared victory in Mosul, three years after ISIS captured the country's second-largest city. CBS News correspondent Holly Williams reports from Istanbul.

“Amazing event”: Coldplay fan soars above concert crowd in Dublin

Rob O'Byrne was paralyzed 12 years ago and uses a wheelchair, so two strangers hoisted him up so he could see better

Wildfires force thousands to evacuate homes

Officials sent three engine crews to rescue a person who ignored orders as flames approached their home

White House’s “politically sensitive mistake” may irk China

Right at the top of a print copy of Trump's speech to the Chinese leader, they called him the president of Taiwan

Pope’s top financial adviser returns to Australia to face sex assault charges

Cardinal George Pell is due to appear in a court in the Victoria state capital Melbourne on July 26, while Pell has vowed to fight the allegations

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Los premios mayores de Mega Millions y Powerball suman ahora casi 1.000 millones de...

Las loterías Mega Millions y Powerball juegan esta semana con premios multimillonarios. Y, aunque la cifra puede ser tentadora, es muy posible que no los ganes. ¿Por qué? Fuente: Cnnenespanol.com

El FBI allana oficinas públicas de San Juan, Puerto Rico

La alcaldesa de San Juan, Carmen Yulín Cruz, dijo en un comunicado que el registro se realizó en varios pisos y que dio instrucciones a los trabajadores de oficina para que cooperen plenamente con el FBI. Fuente: Cnnenespanol.com

Sex or food? Decision-making in single-cell organisms

Unicellular diatoms are able to adapt their behavior to different external stimuli based on an evaluation of their own needs. In experiments, Seminavis robusta diatoms directed their orientation either towards nutrient sources or mating partners, depending on the degree of starvation and the need to mate.