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Pilots’ union at German airline Lufthansa set to strike again

Lufthansa says it is calling additional strikes for Tuesday and Wednesday, following a two-day break in its campaign of walkouts

Serial killer sentenced, could get police in trouble

Case has opened up questions about policing in Britain, as top security officials have admitted missing “potential opportunities”

Israeli military kills 4 ISIS militants in Syria

Israeli aircraft struck a machine gun-mounted vehicle inside Syria after militants opened fire on a military patrol on the Israeli side

Tokyo’s station master

At the city’s landmark train station, the man in charge makes millions of connections every day

Cuban dictator Fidel Castro dead at 90

Fidel Castro was the revolutionary leader who put Cuba on the world stage, made himself a world player and was the communist adversary for 10 U.S. presidents. Now, the last historic political figure of the Cold War is gone. Scott Pelley reports.

Iran considers naval bases in Middle East

“Having naval bases in remote distances is not less than nuclear power. It is ten times more important and creates deterrence,” Iran's chief of staff of the armed forces said

Castro’s death caught many people in Havana by surprise

Cuban government announces plans for mourning former leader nearly 58 years after he led revolution

Fidel Castro, Cuban revolutionary, dead at 90, state media reports

Castro's brother, Raul Castro, announced his death on state-run media

Soldiers, police search Mexican state after grisly discovery

Federal authorities are returning to Guerrero to chase a wounded gang leader and quell a wave of violence

Haifa fire overcome but blazes rage elsewhere in Israel

The country’s leaders raised the possibility that Arab assailants intentionally set the blazes

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Loch Ness Monster legend to be tested with DNA samples

International team of scientists will take samples of the murky waters of Scotland's Loch Ness and conduct DNA tests to determine what species live there

Panic as bat-borne virus kills 10, infects at least 13 more

Indian officials say Nipah virus outbreak appears contained and "there is no need to panic," but it's too late for some

Are discount weight loss surgeries in Mexico safe?

A recent lawsuit claims some Americans were lured to Mexico for weight loss surgeries that turned out to be dangerous or even life-threatening