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China-based company charged with plotting to evade N. Korea sanctions

The Dept. of Justice unsealed criminal charges against a Chinese firm for conspiring to evade U.S. economic sanctions that target North Korea’s nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles programs

Colombia, FARC sign historic peace accord ending half-century conflict

Underlining the importance of the deal, Colombian president and leader of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, signed the 297-page agreement before a crowd of 2,500

Poachers have a new target in southeast Asia

Some call this bird's beak “ivory on wings” — and it sells in China

Are elephants herds learning to avoid human predators?

Elephants are "voting with their feet," one conservation group has observed

Prince William, Kate tour Vancouver without kids day after Trudeau denied high-five

The 3-year-old George made headlines in the United Kingdom when he, seemingly shy and overwhelmed, declined to high-five the Canadian Prime Minister

Study: Earth now the warmest it’s been in 120,000 years

New research tracks the temperature over 2 million years of planetary history, and suggests where humans may take it in the future

Jewish WWII “Avenger” Joseph Harmatz dies age 91

Harmatz took part in a famous operation that poisoned thousands of former SS officers being held at an American prison camp

Amid “apocalyptic” assault, Syria claims truce viable

An all-out air assault with Russian help that's gained Assad some ground and killed many women and kids in key city continues

Will and Kate in Canada

The royals are on an eight-day tour of Canada--their first as a family of four

El Chapo is being tortured, his lawyer claims

What the government says are special measures designed to prevent his third escape, his lawyers say is abusive treatment

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The UK and EU agree terms for Brexit transition period

The deal is called a "decisive step" - but more work is needed on issues including Northern Ireland. Source: BBC

Russia election: Muted Western reaction to Putin victory

Western leaders are slow to send congratulations, and observers say there was no real choice for voters. Source: BBC

El silencio de Occidente ante el triunfo de Putin en Rusia y cuáles son...

China, Irán y tres países latinoamericanos están entre los países que felicitaron al presidente ruso, que estará otros seis años en el cargo, pero entre los líderes occidentales ha reinado el silencio tras las últimas tensiones con Moscú. Fuente: bbcmundo.com