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Residents demand answers after 58 are presumed dead in London fire

London police now say at least 58 people are presumed dead following a horrific fire Wednesday that deystroyed a high-rise apartment building. Jonathan Vigliotti says residents are demanding answers.

PM meets with residents of destroyed London high-rise, but questions remain

Many survivors are sleeping on the floor in community centers and there's still no coordinated distribution of donated food and clothing

Trump announces rollback of Obama-era Cuba policy

President Trump rolled back another Obama-era policy Friday -- this time, restricting travel and business with Cuba. CBSN political contributor and RealClearPolitics national political reporter Caitlin Huey-Burns joined CBSN for a closer look at this move, and more about this whirlwind week in Washington.

U.S. Navy ship collides with Japanese vessel; injuries reported

The U.S. Navy destroyer USS Fitzgerald collided with a Japanese merchant ship off the coast of Japan Friday afternoon. The Fitzgerald made a distress call, and it appears there are injuries. David Martin reports.

The American doctors risking their lives in Syria

In the civilized world, hospitals are off limits in war. But in Syria, the dictatorship of Bashar al Assad is hitting hospitals relentlessly, killing more than 800 doctors and medical workers. On assignment for "60 Minutes," Scott Pelley traveled to Syria to meet the American doctors putting their lives on the line.

Escape from Putin’s info bubble emboldens Russian youth

Many young Russians don't ingest state TV's Kremlin-controlled narrative, deepening the rift between the government, and the governed

As London fire death toll rises, so does anger

Police say 30 now confirmed dead in apartment building inferno, and that is still expected to rise

Pentagon plans to send thousands more U.S. troops to Afghanistan

The bulk of the additional troops will train and advise Afghan forces

Greece gets $9.5B bailout cash, promise of debt relief

Money means government can meet full extent of its repayments that are due in July; country's debt burden still stands at $360B

Russian diplomat could lead new U.N. counterterror office

Russian diplomat Sergey Kislyak has put his name into the mix to run the new U.N. office

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