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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Brexit on trial as Britian’s Supreme Court begins landmark hearing

Legal battle has major constitutional implications for balance of power between country’s legislature and executive

Syrian families flee violence as fighting in Aleppo intensifies

“Poor Syria. Poor Syria…My heart is broken for poor Syria,” says displaced Aleppo resident

Fake U.S. embassy shut down after 10 years

The sham embassy operated by organized crime issued both legitimate and counterfeit U.S. visas for $6,000, U.S. State Department says

Iran High Court upholds billionaire’s death sentence

Well-known tycoon Babak Zanjani linked to shady oil sales during the controversial rule of former President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Many in Brazil soccer don’t want to play after crash

Brazilian Football Confederation has not clarified if matches will take place next weekend, after the Chapecoense plane crash killed players

ISIS pounds Iraqi fighters near Mosul

While there was initial battlefield successes, the progress of Iraqi forces has slowed down after fierce ISIS counterattacks

Countries pledge to protect heritage sites in war zones

ISIS has destroyed thousands of artifacts and archaeological sites in its rampage through Iraq and Syria. Representatives from 40 countries made plans to protect other historic antiquities from sharing the same fate. Jonathan Vigliotti has more.

Trump call adds to tense China-Taiwan relationship

President-elect Donald Trump's phone call with Taiwan's president is the latest chapter of a complicated relationship between Taiwan and China that has recently become even more volatile. Adriana Diaz has more.

Inventor of General Tso’s chicken dies

The inventor of General Tso's chicken died at age 98. CBSN's Kristine Johnson has more on the iconic dish and the man behind it.

General Tso’s Chicken inventor dies at 98

Peng Chang-kuei first bought the dish to New York about 40 years ago, despite that it was never a part of Chinese culinary tradition

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