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Putin: We hope to cooperate with President-elect Trump

Russian President Vladimir Putin is signaling his approval of Donald Trump's presidential victory. Putin congratulated Trump overnight and expressed his hope for a new era in Russian-American relations. Elizabeth Palmer reports from Moscow.

Russians rejoice in Trump’s win, but America’s allies are anxious

Putin and his countrymen are keen to see U.S.-Russian relations on the mend, but NATO's Secretary General is sounding nervous

Why are thousands of giant snowballs piling up in Siberia?

A rare natural phenomenon may explain these unbelievable images of thousands of huge round snowballs

Possible organizer of Paris, Brussels attacks named

Investigators believe the same ISIS cell was behind the two attacks that killed a total of 162 people in Europe

Israel’s Netanyahu accuses media of anti-government “propaganda”

In scathing letter to investigative journalist behind critical report, Netanyahu claims public has "lost any trust in the central media organizations"

Snake slithers out of luggage bin mid-flight, prompts quick landing

Passenger who filmed snake dropping out of overhead compartment joked his plane was given "priority landing" status

World is watching U.S. election

This may be America's election -- but the whole world is watching. Authoritarian states like Iran and China are pointing to it as an argument against democracy, while Italian interest is driven by parallels to their own politics. Seth Doane reports from Rome.

Mexican businesses fear NAFTA changes if Trump wins election

Mexican business leaders also fear his impact on NAFTA, which also helps support one million American jobs

China bars 2 democratically elected Hong Kong lawmakers from office

Thousands of people protested in Hong Kong on Sunday, demanding that China’s central government stay out of the local political dispute

U.N. peacekeeper killed, several wounded in attack on convoy in Mali

Authorities say Islamic militants have launched attacks on both a U.N. peacekeeping convoy and a Malian military camp in the country’s north, killing at least three people

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