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Britian posthumously pardons men convicted of being gay

Men who are still alive who were convicted in the now-abolished laws against homosexuality can apply to have their names cleared

Super Typhoon kills at least 4 in Philippines

Typhoon slammed into Cagayan province late Wendesday with sustained winds of 127 mph and gusts of 176 mph

North Korea has another missile launch failure, U.S. military says

A Pentagon spokesman said the U.S. "strongly condemns" the attempted launch of Musudan intermediate-range ballistic missile

World’s highest glass bridge in Zhangjiajie, China

Those with a fear of heights or crossing bridges might want to avoid a new attraction in Zhangjiajie, China. The Grand Canyon Glass Bridge there is the world's highest and longest, at 1,400 feet. Adriana Diaz reports.

Dentists blast U.K. pol’s idea to verify age of migrant kids

Conservative lawmaker David Davies says some migrant children being allowed in "don't look like children," suggests dental X-rays

314 arrested in Europe-wide raids on drug, human traffickers

Europol director says police have targeted organized crime networks with “pretty impressive” results

U.K. army apologizes, deletes tweet blasted as racist

"We can see how the Tweet may have been misinterpreted," British Royal Army says of image showing soldier in full face paint

Girl born without arms finds unique way to feed herself

Mom shares video of daughter eating her meal with one foot, two toes and a fork

Earth had 16 straight months of record high temperatures

The streak is over for now, but climate scientists caution that record high temperatures have become the new normal

Mom begs for stem cell donors to save 3-year-old’s life

Marie Stark and her daughter Ava had their bags packed to go to the hospital, when they got a call that Ava's stem cell donor had to drop out

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