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Thousands of faithful gather in biblical town of Bethlehem for Christmas Eve

Pilgrims and tourists from around the world together with local Christians gathered in the biblical town of Bethlehem to celebrate Christmas Eve in the traditional birthplace of Jesus

U.N. condemns Israeli settlements, U.S. abstains

The U.N. condemned the latest Israeli settlements in a vote from which the U.S. abstained. CBS News Foreign Affairs Correspondent Margaret Brennan joins CBSN with the latest on the vote.

U.S. abstains from Israeli settlement vote

The U.S. abstained from the U.N. vote condemning Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank. J Street's Alan Elsner joins CBSN to discuss the decision and reaction.

Ebola vaccine proves “highly protective”

A new Ebola vaccine is proving "highly effective," the WHO said. The medicine could prevent another epidemic like the on that swept killed more than 11,000 when it swept through West Africa. CBSN's Dana Jacobson has more on the vaccine.

5,000-year-old “nativity” scene reportedly found in Egypt

The rock painting discovered in the desert shows a scene evocative of the birth of Christ

Ukraine says 2 troops killed in Russian-backed rebel offensive

Ukraine says fighting has flared southeast of the rebel stronghold of Donetsk, and total of 9 killed in a week

Eye Opener at 8: Libyan plane hijacked

A look back at what we've been covering on "CBS This Morning." Subscribe to get the Eye Opener delivered straight to your inbox.

Russian hackers linked to Ukrainian military deaths on the battlefield

A new report found that same Russian hacking group that infiltrated the Democratic National Committee broke into a Ukrainian military app that helped target artillery fire. Russian-backed separatists used the information to target Ukrainian troops. David Martin reports.

New video shows speed of truck before Berlin market attack

Newly released video shows how fast the truck was going when it plowed into a Christmas market crowd in Berlin. A dozen were killed in Monday's attack and dozens more were wounded, including two Americans.

Russian hacking lead to battlefield deaths, report says

Fancy Bear, which also hacked the DNC, got into an app Ukranian forces used to target artillery fire

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Aurora shooting: Five dead in Illinois workplace attack

The gunman was also killed and five police officers were struck by gunfire, police say. Source: BBC

Is there a suicide crisis for British veterans?

Military charities say they are not coping with the increased demand for mental health support. Source: BBC

Dos tercios de personas no querían que Trump declarara una emergencia nacional

Solo 3 de cada 10 estadounidenses dijeron que el presidente Donald Trump debería declarar una emergencia nacional para construir un muro a lo largo de la frontera con México, según una encuesta de la CNN realizada por SSRS a principios de febrero. Fuente: Cnnenespanol.com