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Immigration ordeal nearly over for iconic “Afghan girl”

Pakistan court orders woman made famous as Afghan refugee with cover photo on National Geographic freed for deportation

Huge, deadly blast blamed on separatists targets Turkish cops

Officials say at least 8 dead in attack government blames on Kurdish separatist group PKK

The Philippines’ deadly drug war

President Rodrigo Duterte's war on drugs has led to thousands of deaths

ISIS leader to fighters: “Make their blood flow like rivers”

Shadowy leader of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria releases new message amid major Mosul offensive

Cult leader’s daughter jailed as scandal threatens S. Korean leader

Longtime friend of President Park Geun-hye arrested over allegations of influence-peddling and other nefarious deeds

Prince Harry’s rumored girlfriend breaks the royal family mold

Meghan Markle, the star of "Suits," is a biracial American who was born in L.A.--and is also divorced

Brazil’s “Zombie Walks” take the country by storm

Such celebrations have taken off worldwide thanks to the popularity of the television show "The Walking Dead"

ISIS may be using human shields in Mosul, U.N. says

The U.N. Security Council made no mention of support for the Iraqi military effort, but council members said they don't want to see ISIS fighters fleeing across the border into Syria

New analysis boosts theory on MH370’s final moments

Investigators say evidence strongly suggests no one was at controls when missing Malaysia Airlines jet plummeted into sea

Pilot proposes to girlfriend on Melbourne-LA flight

Qantas Airlines pilot Dooley Ellis started his in-flight announcement the normal way, but soon had a special question for his girlfriend

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Urbanization changes shape of mosquitoes’ wings

Research shows that rapid urbanization in São Paulo City, Brazil, is influencing wing morphology in the mosquitoes that transmit dengue and malaria.

No-deal Brexit ‘means hard border’ – European Commission

No deal makes hard border obvious, says EC spokesman, but Irish government calls that unacceptable. Source: BBC

How sex pheromones diversify: Lessons from yeast

What happens to sex pheromones as new species emerge? New research studies sex pheromones in the fission yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe, revealing an 'asymmetric' pheromone recognition system in which one pheromone operates extremely stringently whereas the other pheromone is free to undergo a certain degree of diversification, perhaps leading to a first step towards speciation.