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France prepares for “ultra-violent” demonstrations

Some 8,000 officers and 12 armored vehicles will be deployed in Paris alone, where shops have been boarded up and sites like the Eiffel Tower closed

Mom in Yemen with malnourished 5-month-old tells her story

5-month-old baby Esma Saida is badly malnourished but she's gaining strength after escaping fighting in Yemen

Inside one refugee camp in war-torn Yemen

They have always been poor but now they are truly destitute, living in shelters made of tarpaulin and bits of wood

Astronaut Nick Hague describes “utter disappointment” during failed rocket launch

For the first time, both astronaut Nick Hague and his wife, Catie, are sharing dramatic details about a failed rocket launch in October. Hauge was in a Soyuz rocket headed for the International Space Station when a violent booster failure forced them to abort the mission mid-flight, 31 miles above earth. NASA announced this week that Hauge will fly into space again. Mark Strassmann reports.

Former big leaguers Luis Valbuena, Jose Castillo die in car crash

Vehicle reportedly hit rock on road in Veneuela, where they were playing winter ball

Ecuador says “the road is clear” for Julian Assange to leave embassy

Ecuador's President Lenin Moreno ramps up pressure on WikiLeaks' Julian Assange to leave country's London embassy

Eiffel Tower to close Saturday over planned protests

More than a dozen museums and other cultural sites in Paris will be closed amid fears of new rioting

Actress questioned over revealing dress at Cairo gala

Prosecutors questioned Rania Youssef over revealing dress she wore to film festival's closing ceremony, her lawyer says

Chinese telecom executive arrested in Canada on behalf of the U.S.

Huawei issued a statement saying Meng Wanzhou was changing flights in Canada when she was detained to face "unspecified charges"

Lagarde first woman to deliver biennial Kissinger Lecture

Christine Lagarde spoke Tuesday with "Face the Nation" moderator Margaret Brennan

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California propone un plan para poner impuestos a los mensajes de texto

Un nuevo recargo propuesto por la Comisión de Servicios Públicos de California (CPUC, por sus siglas en inglés) no sería un impuesto por texto, sino una tarifa mensual basada en una factura de celular que incluye cualquier tarifa por servicios de mensajes de texto. Fuente: Cnnenespanol.com

Remueven del mercado tampones de Kotex después de reportes de que se deshacen

En algunos casos, los usuarios buscaron "atención médica para eliminar las piezas de tampón que quedaban en el cuerpo", decía el anuncio del retiro. Fuente: Cnnenespanol.com

Brexit: Theresa May arrives at EU summit after surviving vote

The prime minister says she wants to get new assurances from the EU over the Irish backstop plan. Source: BBC