NASA program “OMG” trying to find out how fast Greenland’s ice is melting

Ice lost in Greenland means higher sea levels around the world. "Oceans Melting Greenland," a NASA program in its fourth year, is studying the melt.

Buckingham Palace responds after video shows Prince Andrew in Epstein mansion

Britain's Prince Andrew is responding to sexual abuse allegations against Jeffrey Epstein for the first time since Epstein hanged himself in jail. Queen Elizabeth's middle son said in a statement he is "appalled by Epstein's alleged crimes." Charlie D'Agata reports.

White House trade official Peter Navarro downplays consumer impact of Chinese tariffs

White House trade adviser Peter Navarro joins Margaret Brennan to discuss protests in Hong Kong, the economy and trade talks with China.

Mass protests in Hong Kong continue for 11th week

CBS News correspondent Ramy Innocencio reports from Sunday's mass demonstration in Hong Kong, which have stretched into their 11th week.

What one Greenland town thinks of Trump’s interest in buying the island

CBS News correspondent Seth Doane reports from Greenland, the autonomous Danish country that President Trump has expressed interest in purchasing.

Congresswoman Tlaib speaks out on being barred from visiting Israel

Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib is speaking out for the first time about being barred from visiting Israel. She's upset she won't visit her grandmother in the West Bank. President Trump is also weighing in on the issue. Paula Reid reports.

“More than anything, I’m a granddaughter”: Tlaib tells supporters

Irael upended diplomatic norms earlier this week by barring her and fellow freshman Congresswoman Ilhan Omar from joining a trip attended by other lawmakers

At least 1 dead in Turkey flood

Raging flood waters tore through parts of Turkey. Officials say at least one person was killed. Many shops in Istanbul's historic Grand Bazaar were flooded and some of the merchandise floated away. The heavy rain also disrupted rail and ferry services.

Greenland residents react to Trump’s idea to buy the island

Sources told CBS News that Mr. Trump is interested in Greenland's strategic and military significance

Danish officials reject Trump’s interest in buying Greenland

President Trump expressed interest in buying Greenland. But Denmark's government wasn't too excited by the idea. Seth Doane reports from Greenland.

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