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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Tens of thousands rally in Paris to protest same-sex marriage

Protesters marched in Paris to call for the repeal of a law allowing gay marriage, six months before France’s next presidential election

China launches two astronauts

Two Chinese astronauts, or "taikonauts," launched on a two-day flight to a space station module for a month-long stay

Pamela Anderson brings vegan lunch to Julian Assange

Former “Baywatch” star visited the WikiLeaks founder in hiding in the Ecuadorean Embassy in London

Nature: Whale sharks

We leave you this Sunday Morning among whale sharks feasting on tuna eggs in the waters off Isla Mujeres, a Mexican island in the Caribbean. Videographer: Mauricio Handler.

American with 121 pounds of gold arrested in Bolivia

Bolivian police say they detained a 76-year-old U.S. citizen with $1.5 million in gold, some silver coins, and some cocaine

Kerry makes major announcement on Americans held in Yemen

Announcement comes in wake of airstrike by Saudi-led coalition on Iran-backed Houthis

North Korean missile launch fails, U.S. military says

U.S. military says launch was attempted at 11:33 p.m. EDT Friday and that the missile didn’t pose a threat to North America

Rumor sparks deadly stampede ahead of religious ceremony

Attendance for Hindu religious ceremony in northern India exceeds organizers' expectations by tens of thousands

U.S., Russia attempt restart of efforts to quell Syria violence

Russia's U.N. ambassador claims U.S.'s ability to separate Nusra Front fighters from moderate opposition is the key sticking point to any cease-fire agreement

Drones delivering life inside Rwanda

Drones are now making much-needed deliveries of blood in parts of Rwanda, where rugged mountains dominate the landscape. Debora Patta reports on the drone fleet.

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Trump stance on Charlottesville violence angers Republicans

Leading Republicans reject Mr Trump's view that "both sides" were to blame for Saturday's violence. Source: BBC

Birmingham bin strike called off

Acas said it had been agreed certain posts would be kept and bin collections could now resume. Source: BBC

¿A quién cita Barack Obama en el tuit con más “me gusta” en la...

El expresidente de Estados Unidos, Barack Obama, escribió tres mensajes el domingo para pronunciarse sobre los disturbios entre supremacistas blancos y opositores que ocurrieron en Charlottesville, Virginia, y que dejó un fallecido y al menos 19 heridos. El martes uno de sus tuits se convirtió en el más gustado en la historia de la red social. Fuente: bbcmundo.com