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West Nile virus reemerged and spread to new areas in Greece in 2017

West Nile virus (WNV), which is transmitted via mosquito bites, reemerged and spread to new territories of Greece in 2017 following a two-year hiatus in reported human cases, according to new findings. Greece provides the appropriate ecological and climatic conditions for WNV circulation. The virus has been established in Greece and disease transmission may continue in the future.

Scientists discover gene controlling genetic recombination rates

Genetic recombination is vital to natural selection, yet some species display far more crossover than others. Scientists have discovered a gene in fruit flies that is responsible for the evolution of these recombination rates.

Tiny microenvironments in the ocean hold clues to global nitrogen cycle

A new study shows that nitrogen-feeding organisms exist all over the deep ocean, and not just in large oxygen-depleted 'dead zones,' changing the way we think about the delicate nitrogen cycle.

Fungus: The good, the bad and their fortuitous differences

Genetic differences between two very similar fungi, one that led to Quorn™, the proprietary meat substitute, and another that ranks among the world's most damaging crop pathogens, have exposed the significant features that dictate the pair's very different lifestyles, features that promise targets for controlling disease.

Grassland plants react unexpectedly to high levels of carbon dioxide

Plants are responding in unexpected ways to increased carbon dioxide in the air, according to a 20-year study.

Rare earth magnet recycling is a grind — this new process takes a simpler...

A new recycling process turns discarded hard disk drive magnets into new magnet material in a few steps, and tackles both the economic and environmental issues typically associated with mining e-waste for valuable materials.

Soil metals linked with cancer mortality

Epidemiologists and geologists have found associations between esophageal cancer and soils where lead is abundant, lung cancer and terrains with increased copper content, brain tumor with areas rich in arsenic, and bladder cancer with high cadmium levels. These statistical links do not indicate that there is a cause-effect relationship between soil type and cancer, but they suggest that the influence of metals from the earth's surface on the geographical distribution of tumors should be analyzed.

New DNA screening reveals whose blood the vampire bat is drinking

The vampire bat prefers to feed on domestic animals such as cows and pigs. When it does so, there is a risk of transmission of pathogens. Now, a new study describes a new DNA method to efficiently screen many vampire bat blood meal and fecal samples with a high success rate and thereby determine which animals the vampire bats have fed on blood from.

Medical chemists discover peptic ulcer treatment metallodrug effective in ‘taming’ superbugs

A novel solution to antimicrobial resistance -- medical chemists discover peptic ulcer treatment metallodrug effective in 'taming' superbugs.

Trees are not as ‘sound asleep’ as you may think

High-precision three-dimensional surveying of 21 different species of trees has revealed a yet unknown cycle of subtle canopy movement during the night. The 'sleep cycles' differed from one species to another. Detection of anomalies in overnight movement could become a future diagnostic tool to reveal stress or disease in crops.

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