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Wave energy converters are not geared towards the increase in energy over the last...

Wave energy converters are designed to generate the maximum energy possible in their location and take a typical year in the location as a reference. Researchers have been exploring how ocean energy in Ireland has evolved during the last century. The results reveal an increase of up to 40%, which directly affects the output of the converters.

Greening vacant lots reduces feelings of depression in city dwellers

Greening vacant urban land significantly reduces feelings of depression and improves overall mental health for the surrounding residents, researchers show in a new randomized, controlled study. The findings have implications for cities across the United States, where 15 percent of land is deemed ''vacant'' and often blighted or filled with trash and overgrown vegetation.

Sea pickles are adapting to the Pacific Northwest

Tubular colonial jellies known as pyrosomes that arrived in 2014 along North America's Pacific Northwest Coast appear to be adapting to cooler water and may become permanent residents.

Scientists identify most pressing issues posed by chemicals in the environment

Chemicals released into the environment by human activity are resulting in biodiversity loss; increased natural hazards; threats to food, water and energy security; negative impacts on human health and degradation of environmental quality. Now, an international study published in Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry involving scientists from the University of York has identified the 22 most important research questions that need to be answered to fill the most pressing knowledge gaps over the next decade.

Rapid cloud clearing phenomenon could provide another piece of climate puzzle

Researchers have described rapid and dramatic clearing of low cloud cover off the southwest coast of Africa. This newly observed phenomenon could help climatologists understand how clouds affect Earth's heating and cooling.

Mixed mRNA tails act like a shield that delays its shortening

Biologists have identified how mixed tails -- made of different nucleotides -- protect mRNA from degradation for longer. This study could bring new insights to our understanding of gene regulation in healthy and diseased states.

Deep-diving scientists say shallow reefs can’t rely on twilight zone systems for recovery

A team of highly trained scientific divers explored Pacific and western Atlantic reefs to test a widely held hypothesis that climate-stressed life from shallow reefs can take refuge at mesophotic depths (100-500 feet beneath the ocean's surface). The results are clear: deep and shallow reefs are different systems with their own species, and deep reefs are just as threatened by climate impacts, storms, and pollution.

Money talks when trying to influence climate change legislation

Climate lobbying is big business. A new analysis shows that between 2000 and 2016, lobbyists spent more than two billion dollars on influencing relevant legislation in the US Congress. Unsurprisingly, sectors that could be negatively affected by bills limiting carbon emissions, such as the electrical utilities sector, fossil fuel companies and transportation corporations had the deepest pockets.

In the ocean’s twilight zone, tiny organisms may have giant effect on Earth’s carbon...

In a new study that challenges scientists' presuppositions about the carbon cycle, researchers find that tiny organisms may be playing in outside role in the way carbon is circulated throughout the ocean.

Cities as study proxies for climate change

Cities can serve as useful proxies to study and predict the effects of climate change, according to a research review that tracks urbanization's effects on plant and insect species.

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