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400 million years of a stable relationship: Molecular basis of balance in AM symbiosis

Researchers have identified a transcriptional program that drives arbuscule degeneration during AM symbiosis. This regulation of arbuscule lifespan has likely contributed to the 400MY stability of the symbiosis by preventing the persistence of fungal cheaters.

Smell helps primates flee parasites

Mandrills use their sense of smell to avoid contamination by intestinal protozoans through contact with infected members of their group, researchers have discovered. Their work shows that parasites shape the social behavior of these primates, leading them to develop a strategy of parasite avoidance through smell.

Volcanic arcs form by deep melting of rock mixtures

A new study changes our understanding of how volcanic arc lavas are formed, and may have implications for the study of earthquakes and the risks of volcanic eruption.

‘Nesting doll’ minerals offer clues to Earth’s mantle dynamics

Recovered minerals that originated in the deep mantle can give scientists a rare glimpse into the dynamic processes occurring deep inside of the Earth and into the history of the planet's mantle layer. A team of scientists has discovered that a rare sample of the mineral majorite originated at least 235 miles below Earth's surface.

‘What do old books smell like?’ Preserving smells as important cultural heritage

A 'Historic Book Odour Wheel' has been developed to document and archive the aroma associated with old books. Researchers created the wheel as part of an experiment in which they asked visitors to St. Paul's Cathedral's Dean and Chapter library in London to characterize its smell.

Unique wave tank helps scientists understand threat of rogue ocean waves

A team of scientists has demonstrated how ocean winds can generate spontaneous rogue waves, the first step to predicting the potentially dangerous phenomena.

Puffins that stay close to their partner during migration have more chicks

Many long-lived birds, such as swans, albatrosses or indeed, puffins, are known for their long-lived monogamous, 'soulmate' pairings. Now a study has found that puffin pairs that follow similar migration routes breed more successfully the following season.

In-car cow avoidance

Driverless cars are hitting the headlines across the globe but for the foreseeable future we will still have drivers. The pressure then is how might some of the safety features of driverless cars be incorporated into conventional vehicles? Researchers from India describe a real-time automatic obstacle detection and alert system for driver assistance.

Ways to reduce stress in shelter dogs

Researcher explores behavior in dogs involved in shelter sleepover program to determine suitability for pet owners.

Giant viruses may simply be a ‘Frankenstein’ of smaller viruses

Viruses are thought to outnumber the microbes on Earth; both outnumber the stars in the Milky Way. A handful of giant viruses have been discovered in the past two decades, and scientists report a novel group of giant viruses with a more complete set of translation machinery genes than any other virus known to date. They believe that this discovery significantly increases our understanding of viral evolution.

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