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Packing Tips From Professional Travelers

As new airline baggage fees prompt travelers to pack lighter, packing efficiently becomes even more important.

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N. Korean defectors “disappointed” but hopeful after Trump-Kim summit

Activists Park Sang-hak and Lee Ae-ran reflect on pageantry surrounding historic meeting, which barely addressed 1 major issue

North Korean defector “disappointed” but hopeful after Singapore summit

Lee Ae-ran, founder of the Center for Liberty and Unification and Neungra Bapsang in South Korea, fled North Korea in 1997 with her 4-month-old son. She shares her reactions to President Trump's summit with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un last week.

Encrypted messages in biological processes

RNA modifications can encrypt the RNA code and are responsible for a very sophisticated control of RNA function. A research team has shown that modified RNA bases have a great impact on the dynamics of gene expression from DNA to functional RNA. The study yields important new insight into how the basis of RNA modifications can affect the function of mature RNA molecules.