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Teen solves six Rubik’s Cubes underwater in single breath

Vako Marchelashvili was underwater for one minute and 44 seconds on Friday at the Gino Paradise water park in Tbilisi, Georgia

A novel synthetic antibody enables conditional ‘protein knockdown’ in vertebrates

Researchers have developed a novel synthetic antibody that paves the way for an improved functional analysis of proteins.

Ants, acorns and climate change

The relatively swift adaptability of tiny, acorn-dwelling ants to warmer environments could help scientists predict how other species might evolve in the crucible of global climate change, according to biologists.

New way to grow blood vessels developed

Formation of new blood vessels, a process also known as angiogenesis, is one of the major clinical challenges in wound healing and tissue implants. To address this issue, researchers have developed a clay-based platform to deliver therapeutic proteins to the body to assist with the formation of blood vessels.

ISIS is the newest and deadliest front in Pakistan’s long war on terror

Pakistan's security personnel worry that hundreds of Pakistanis who are unaccounted for after traveling to join ISIS' "caliphate" have gone underground, waiting to strike

Novel nanoparticle-based approach detects and treats oral plaque without drugs

When the good and bad bacteria in our mouth become imbalanced, the bad bacteria form a biofilm (aka plaque), which can cause cavities, and if left untreated over time, can lead to cardiovascular and other inflammatory diseases like diabetes and bacterial pneumonia. A team of researchers has recently devised a practical nanotechnology-based method for detecting and treating the harmful bacteria that cause plaque and lead to tooth decay and other detrimental conditions.

Trump asks jailed pastor to be “patriot hostage” as U.S.-Turkey feud escalates

Turkish court rejects American Andrew Brunson's appeal for release as U.S. and Turkey exchange new threats of sanctions

Police again question Israeli PM Netanyahu in corruption probe

With protesters outside his home demanding justice, Benjamin Netanyahu quizzed by officers over 1 of several corruption cases

Spain’s king joins hundreds to mark year since Barcelona attacks

Spain's King Felipe VI, PM Pedro Sanchez join throngs in Spain's 2nd city year after 16 people were killed in ISIS-claimed attacks

China ‘training for strikes’ on US targets

The Pentagon's annual report to Congress warns of Chinese military ambitions in the Pacific. Source: BBC

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Westminster car crash: Man charged with attempted murder

Salih Khater will appear in court charged with the attempted murder of pedestrians and police. Source: BBC

Parecían la familia perfecta hasta que la esposa y sus dos hijas aparecieron muertas

Chris y Shanann Watts mostraban su vida aparentemente feliz en las redes sociales. Compartían fotos de sus vacaciones con sus hijas, Bella y Celeste. Para sus amigos y vecinos parecían la familia perfecta. Hasta que ella y las niñas fueron asesinadas y él detenido como sospechoso. Fuente: Cnnenespanol.com

Brexit vote campaign gets £1m from Superdry co-founder

Multi-millionaire tycoon says he donated because "we have a genuine chance to turn this around". Source: BBC