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Sustainable electronics manufacturing breakthrough

Researchers are developing an eco-friendly, 3D printable solution for producing wireless Internet-of-Things (IoT) sensors that can be used and disposed of without contaminating the environment.

Machine learning detects importance of land stewardship in conservation policy

At the southern tip of the Himalayas, farmers in the Kangra region of India's Himachal Pradesh graze cattle among rolling hills and forests. The forests, under management by the state or farmer cooperatives, are thriving. But a new study shows, unlike state-managed forests, farmer cooperatives directly benefit both forest health and farmers.

In the squirrel world, prime real estate is determined by previous owner, study reveals

Researchers found that if a squirrel inherits territory from a male rather than a female, it will have about 1,300 more cones in its midden. This stored energy will keep the squirrel alive an extra 17 days. For females it means she will enough food to breed earlier, resulting in her offspring leaving the nest earlier. This shows how the behavior of a complete stranger can impact the genetic contribution of another.

Future of US citrus may hinge on consumer acceptance of genetically modified food

A tiny insect, no bigger than the head of a pin, is threatening to topple the multibillion-dollar citrus industry in the US by infecting millions of acres of orchards with an incurable bacterium called citrus greening disease. The battle to save the citrus industry is pitting crop producers and a team of agriculture researchers against a formidable brown bug, the Asian citrus psyllid, which spreads the disease.

Fate of meerkats tied to seasonal climate effects

Does a drier and hotter climate present a threat to the meerkats in the Kalahari Desert? Researchers show that climate change is likely to impact meerkats, and seasonal rainfall and temperature will be the key factors.

Exeter murder probe after three men in 80s found dead

A man is arrested on suspicion of murder as police say they are linking the deaths in Exeter. Source: BBC

Brexit: Theresa May plays down ‘deal or delay’ report

Theresa May tells MPs not to rely on hearsay, as Brexit dominates Prime Minister's Questions. Source: BBC

Prime Minister’s Questions: The key bits and the verdict

Theresa May clashed with Jeremy Corbyn over Seaborne Freight - here are the key bits. Source: BBC

Venezuelan opposition sets date for showdown with Maduro’s forces

"Allow in the humanitarian aid. That's an order," U.S.-backed Juan Guaidó tells military, announcing date for aid caravans to challenge blocked border

Instagram kills account depicting abuse of gay Muslims in Indonesia

The account was removed for being "pornographic" following widespread "moral" outrage

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Aurora shooting: Five dead in Illinois workplace attack

The gunman was also killed and five police officers were struck by gunfire, police say. Source: BBC

Is there a suicide crisis for British veterans?

Military charities say they are not coping with the increased demand for mental health support. Source: BBC

Dos tercios de personas no querían que Trump declarara una emergencia nacional

Solo 3 de cada 10 estadounidenses dijeron que el presidente Donald Trump debería declarar una emergencia nacional para construir un muro a lo largo de la frontera con México, según una encuesta de la CNN realizada por SSRS a principios de febrero. Fuente: Cnnenespanol.com