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RBS reports first profit in 10 years

The taxpayer-owned bank has made an annual profit the first time since the financial crisis. Source: BBC

Florida school shooting: Armed officer ‘did not confront killer’

An armed deputy stood outside the building as the Florida shooting took place, officials say. Source: BBC

Sweet, bitter, fat: Genetics play a role in kids’ snacking patterns

The types of snacks a child chooses could be linked to genetics, a new study found. The study investigated whether genetic variants in taste receptors related to sweet, fat and bitter tastes influence the snacks preschoolers choose and found nearly 80 per cent carried at least one of these genotypes that could predispose them to poor snacking habits. These findings could help parents tailor their kids' diets based on their genetics of taste.

The global footprint of fisheries

The global fishing fleet is so big it can be seen from space. Really.

New crystal structures reveal mysterious mechanism of gene regulation by the ‘magic spot’

Using an innovative crystallization technique for studying 3D structures of gene transcription machinery, researchers revealed new insights into the long debated action of the 'magic spot' -- a molecule that controls gene expression in E. coli and many other bacteria when the bacteria are stressed. The study contributes to fundamental understanding of how bacteria adapt and survive under adverse conditions and provides clues about key processes that could be targeted in the search for new antibiotics.

After bizarre moment, skaters face calls to be booted from Olympics

Over 550,000 signatures have been gathered on online petition to expel Kim Bo-Reum, Park Ji Woo

Texas Gov. Abbott to decide if killer receives clemency from death penalty

Thomas "Bar" Whitaker was sentenced to death for killing his mother and brother, but his father is asking for clemency. Whitaker was scheduled for lethal injection this morning, but now Texas Gov. Greg Abbott will decide his fate.

Canadian PM regrets attempted assassin’s party invite

Jaspal Atwal was found guilty of trying to assassinate an Indian minister in 1986, but was invited to a reception in New Delhi

Migration figures: Record numbers of EU nationals leaving UK

An estimated 130,000 EU citizens emigrated in the year to September, the highest number since 2008. Source: BBC

Florida shooting: Parents and pupils speak to Trump

President Trump met pupils and parents affected by school shootings in Florida and across the US. Source: BBC

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Winter Olympics 2018: Men’s hockey, figure skating exhibition gala and more

It's the final weekend of the Pyeongchang Games

Italy’s anti-immigration party “Casa Pound” hopes to be the voice of the new government

Voters go to the polls in Italy next week to choose a new Parliament. Political parties held rallies on Saturday ahead of the national elections on March 4. A far-right anti-immigration party called "Casa Pound" is on the rise in Italy and hoping to have a voice in the new government. Seth Doane reports.

Syria war: UN Security Council approves 30-day ceasefire

Some of the biggest jihadist rebel groups, and their associates, are not covered by the truce. Source: BBC