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Mass insect migrations in UK skies

A decade of monitoring aerial insect migration reveals that trillions of individuals travel above us each year. Migration contributes greatly to seasonal exchanges of biomass and nutrients across the Earth's surface; however, even though insect migration surpasses all other aerial migratory phenomena in terms of sheer abundance, it remains largely unquantified.

Researchers estimate time since death using necrobiome

Currently, when a deceased human is discovered, the forensic techniques for estimating time elapsed since death are not very precise. However, in a new study, researchers have turned to analyzing the human microbiome, the bacteria and other microbes that live on and in our bodies, for clues about the postmortem interval of a cadaver.

Global climate target could net additional six million tons of fish annually

If countries abide by the Paris Agreement global warming target of 1.5 degrees Celsius, potential fish catches could increase by six million metric tons per year, according to a new study.

No teeth? No problem: Dinosaur species had teeth as babies, lost them as they...

Researchers have discovered that a species of dinosaur, Limusaurus inextricabilis, lost its teeth in adolescence and did not grow another set as adults. The finding is a radical change in anatomy during a lifespan and may help to explain why birds have beaks but no teeth.

For critical marine low clouds, a research and observation plan

Marine low clouds hover in the lowest couple of kilometers above the world’s oceans. They produce little but drizzle, and could never match their deeper mid-continent cousin clouds for dramatic weather and severe storms. But marine low clouds are vastly important to the world’s climate and energy balance.

Bath tipper truck crash: Two guilty of manslaughter

Two men are found guilty after a tipper truck crashed in Bath killing four people, including a four-year-old girl. Source: BBC

Wife of tipper truck crash victim felt ‘completely lost’

The wife of a victim of a tipper truck crash in Bath, which killed four, felt "completely lost" after his death. Source: BBC

Berlin attack: Christmas market reopens following lorry rampage

Concrete barriers are installed as the Berlin market where a lorry attacker killed 12 reopens. Source: BBC

Hundreds evacuate Aleppo in heavy snow as brutal war chapter comes to close

Rebel fighters and civilians were bused out of war-ravaged Aleppo in heavy snow as the evacuation of former rebel strongholds entered its final phase

Russian hacks into Ukraine power grids a sign of things to come for U.S.?

Some U.S. electric utilities have even weaker security than those Russians breached in Ukraine

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Encrypted messages in biological processes

RNA modifications can encrypt the RNA code and are responsible for a very sophisticated control of RNA function. A research team has shown that modified RNA bases have a great impact on the dynamics of gene expression from DNA to functional RNA. The study yields important new insight into how the basis of RNA modifications can affect the function of mature RNA molecules.