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Netanyahu grilled by police over corruption allegations

Netanyahu has denied what he calls “baseless” reports that he received inappropriate gifts, blaming situation on political opposition

ISIS suicide bomber kills 36 in bustling Baghdad market

Iraqi authorities recently started removing some of the security checkpoints in Baghdad in a bid to ease traffic, leading to security concerns

American wounded in Istanbul attack says he played dead

William Jacob Raak said he stayed silent and motionless during an attack at a popular nightclub in Istanbul

For the first time, researchers identify key proteins that may make Zika so deadly

Now, a new study has for the first time identified seven key proteins in the virus that may be the culprits behind this damage. The study is the first comprehensive description of the Zika virus genome.

How long did it take to hatch a dinosaur egg? 3-6 months

Researchers have set the timeline it took dinosaurs to incubate at three to six months, depending on the dinosaur.

Evolution of brain and tooth size were not linked in humans

A new study found that whereas brain size evolved at different rates for different species, especially during the evolution of Homo, the genus that includes humans, chewing teeth tended to evolve at more similar rates. The finding suggests that our brains and teeth did not evolve in lock step and were likely influenced by different ecological and behavioral factors.

Garden villages: Locations of first 14 announced

The locations of England's first garden villages - and three new garden towns - are revealed. Source: BBC

Turkey nightclub attack: IS says it carried out shooting

So-called Islamic State says it carried out the new year attack on an Istanbul nightclub which killed 39. Source: BBC

Train fares rise by an average of 2.3%

Passengers face higher rail fares across the UK as average price increases of 2.3% are introduced. Source: BBC

35 Russian diplomats ordered out by Obama depart U.S., state department says

President Obama expelled the diplomats, saying they were really spies, and ordered new sanctions on Russian spy agencies for alleged hacking of political sites during presidential election

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Los premios mayores de Mega Millions y Powerball suman ahora casi 1.000 millones de...

Las loterías Mega Millions y Powerball juegan esta semana con premios multimillonarios. Y, aunque la cifra puede ser tentadora, es muy posible que no los ganes. ¿Por qué? Fuente: Cnnenespanol.com

El FBI allana oficinas públicas de San Juan, Puerto Rico

La alcaldesa de San Juan, Carmen Yulín Cruz, dijo en un comunicado que el registro se realizó en varios pisos y que dio instrucciones a los trabajadores de oficina para que cooperen plenamente con el FBI. Fuente: Cnnenespanol.com

Sex or food? Decision-making in single-cell organisms

Unicellular diatoms are able to adapt their behavior to different external stimuli based on an evaluation of their own needs. In experiments, Seminavis robusta diatoms directed their orientation either towards nutrient sources or mating partners, depending on the degree of starvation and the need to mate.