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Warning given over children using complementary therapies

Doctors are warning of the dangers of giving children complementary therapies after a four-year-old boy ended up in A&E after taking holistic supplements. Source: BBC

N.S.A. Suspect Is a Hoarder. But a Leaker? Investigators Aren’t Sure.

Harold T. Martin III, described by his ex-wife as a hoarder, broke rules by taking home top-secret material, officials said, but they struggled to connect him to leaked documents.

C.E.O. of Backpage.com, Known for Escort Ads, Is Arrested

Carl Ferrer and the two founders of the company, which has been accused in various jurisdictions of engaging in sex trafficking, including of children, were charged.

‘The dog that spots my seizures’

Ethan, an assistance dog, is enabling his owner Sally to regain some of her independence, after she was struck down by a mystery illness at the age of 17. She speaks to the Victoria Derbyshire programme. Source: BBC

Ramzan Kadyrov, Chechen Strongman, Criticized Over Televised Child Fights

Ramzan A. Kadyrov bragged about the ring exploits of his three sons, ages 10, 9, and 8, who won mixed martial arts bouts.

Dan Carter: Ex-All Black star’s drug test ‘showed anomalies’

Former All Blacks Dan Carter and Joe Rokocoko failed drug tests, a newspaper reports, but their manager says they had clearance to take medication. Source: BBC

Woman’s giant ‘Rapunzel syndrome’ hairball cut out of stomach

A 15x10 cm hairball has been removed from a woman with 'Rapunzel syndrome'. Source: BBC

Olly Murs: My heart goes out to Zayn

Olly Murs offers his support to ex-One Direction star Zayn Malik, after the singer pulled out of several concerts with "extreme anxiety". Source: BBC

Olly Murs hits back

Pop star Olly Murs discusses his disillusionment with X Factor, and the heartbreak that inspired his new album. Source: BBC

Newspaper headlines: Plight of UKIP’s Steven Woolfe on front pages

Pictures of stricken UKIP MEP Steven Woolfe on the floor at the European Parliament after an altercation dominate the papers. Source: BBC

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John Bercow ‘to quit as Speaker next summer’

News of John Bercow's plans follows damning report into the Commons' handling of bullying cases. Source: BBC

Brexit: ‘No optimism’ for summit breakthrough, says Donald Tusk

The European Council president calls for new ideas but Theresa May is standing by her plan. Source: BBC

Narcotráfico en México: la misteriosa vida de las familias de los capos de la...

De los líderes del narcotráfico mexicano suelen conocerse muchos detalles por filtraciones policíacas o “narcocorridos”. Pero sus familias permanecen en el misterio. Pocas veces se sabe de su vida cotidiana. Permanecen en un misterioso y estrecho círculo que pocas veces abandonan. Fuente: bbcmundo.com