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Trump’s victory in maps

Results of one of the most dramatic US election nights in recent years mapped. Source: BBC

Environmental Justice Small Grants Now Available

Environmental News FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Source: https://www.epa.gov/

Why are thousands of giant snowballs piling up in Siberia?

A rare natural phenomenon may explain these unbelievable images of thousands of huge round snowballs

Tesco Bank says attack cost it £2.5m and hit 9,000 people

Tesco Bank says it has refunded £2.5m to 9,000 customers who had money taken in an attack on accounts. Source: BBC

Dreamworld Australia: Thunder River Rapids ride to be demolished

Australia's Dreamworld theme park says it will scrap a ride where four people died last month. Source: BBC

Possible organizer of Paris, Brussels attacks named

Investigators believe the same ISIS cell was behind the two attacks that killed a total of 162 people in Europe

Major advance in solar cells made from cheap, easy-to-use perovskite

Physicists have boosted the efficiency of material that holds promise as base for next-generation solar cells. Perovskite solar cells are made of a mix of organic molecules and inorganic elements that together capture light and convert it into electricity, just like today's more common silicon-based solar cells. Perovskite photovoltaic devices, however, can be made more easily and cheaply than silicon and on a flexible rather than rigid substrate.

Greenland fossils reveal global ecosystem recovery after mass extinction

A new study shows how higher latitude ecosystems recovered after the World's most cataclysmic extinction event 252 million years ago.

Evolution purged many Neanderthal genes from human genome

Larger populations allowed humans to shed weakly deleterious gene variants that were widespread in Neanderthals, new research indicates.

Israel’s Netanyahu accuses media of anti-government “propaganda”

In scathing letter to investigative journalist behind critical report, Netanyahu claims public has "lost any trust in the central media organizations"

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No-deal Brexit ‘means hard border’ – European Commission

No deal makes hard border obvious, says EC spokesman, but Irish government calls that unacceptable. Source: BBC

Feminicidio en Ecuador: las polémicas medidas adoptadas por el gobierno de Ecuador para los...

El gobierno del presidente Lenín Moreno acordó cuna serie de medidas para ejercer mayor control sobre la inmigración venezolana, tras el suceso ocurrido en la ciudad de Ibarra. Fuente: bbcmundo.com

Emiliano Sala: Search for Cardiff City FC player’s plane suspended

Cardiff City's Emiliano Sala was on board an aircraft which vanished over the Channel Islands. Source: BBC