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Prince George and Princess Charlotte in Canada play day

Prince George and his sister play with children of Canadian military families, with 16-month-old Princess Charlotte heard speaking for the first time in public. Source: BBC

9 New Books We Recommend This Week

Suggested reading by the editors of The New York Times Book Review.

Wind turbines killing more than just local birds

Wind turbines are known to kill large birds, such as golden eagles, that live nearby. Now there is evidence that birds from up to hundreds of miles away make up a significant portion of the raptors that are killed at these wind energy fields.

Game theory research reveals fragility of common resources

People are naturally predisposed to over-use "common-pool resources" such as transportation systems and fisheries even if it risks failure of the system, to the detriment of society as a whole, new research in game theory shows.

New technique for finding weakness in Earth’s crust

Scientists have developed a method to estimate weakness in the Earth’s outer layers which will help explain and predict volcanic activity and earthquakes.

Good food puts bees in good mood

After bumblebees drink a small droplet of really sweet sugar water, they behave like they are in a positive emotion-like state, scientists have discovered. 

Evolution of a species also involves the bacteria it carries

Animals live in close association with microorganisms, carrying beneficial bacteria while coping with pathogenic infections. Now, a study shows that symbiotic bacteria play a direct role in the evolution of their host, shaping the way it adapts to pathogens.

Chaos at Hoboken Station After Train ‘Flew Through the Air’

Commuters said nothing seemed out of the ordinary as they approached the Hoboken train station. Then they were thrown from their feet and plunged into darkness.

Royals in Canada: George and Charlotte attend party

Prince George and Princess Charlotte attended a party with children of military families, as part of the royal visit to Canada. Source: BBC

How many baby pandas can you count?

Twenty-three giant panda cubs have made their public debut at a research centre in Chengdu in south west China. Source: BBC

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