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Globalisation: Where on the elephant are you?

As global income distribution has shifted in the two decades up to 2008, the BBC's Andrew Walker looks at one economist's graph that sets out to explain it all - and explains why it's called the "elephant graph". Source: BBC

One director’s mission to change the film industry

Georgia Parris, a film director based in London, speaks to the BBC about the challenges facing women in the film industry and what she’s doing to turn the situation around. Source: BBC

The bombing of Aleppo’s children

Nearly 100 children in rebel-held Aleppo have been killed in the past week by Russian and Syrian airstrikes. Source: BBC

Which report: UK ‘lags behind’ London on 4G coverage

A Which report into the state of UK broadband finds that the rest of the UK is lagging behind London when it comes to accessing 4G data services. Source: BBC

Low paid ‘miss out on flexible working’

The less you earn, the less likely you are to work flexibly, new research suggests. Source: BBC

Cardiff City: Neil Warnock to be named manager after Paul Trollope sacking

Cardiff City are set to appoint former Sheffield United boss Neil Warnock as manager following Paul Trollope's sacking. Source: BBC

US election: Kaine and Pence square off in vice-presidential debate

Republican vice-presidential candidate Mike Pence and his Democratic counterpart Tim Kaine face off in their only debate of the election. Source: BBC

Jockeys urged to avoid High Street banks by PJA after frauds

Jockeys in the UK are advised to move their money out of High Street banks, after a string of frauds dating back more than two years. Source: BBC

Deadly Hurricane Matthew makes landfall in Haiti

Storm appears likely to graze but devastate parts of Haiti and Cuba; Florida residents told to gather 3 days of food and water

Danny Rose agrees with England being ‘laughing stock’ after Sam Allardyce exit

Danny Rose says Alan Shearer was right to call England a "laughing stock" following Sam Allardyce's departure as manager. Source: BBC

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Squid could provide an eco-friendly alternative to plastics

The remarkable properties of a recently-discovered squid protein could revolutionize materials in a way that would be unattainable with conventional plastic. Originating in the ringed teeth of a squid's predatory arms, this protein can be processed into fibers and films with applications ranging from health-monitoring 'smart' clothes to self-healing recyclable fabrics that reduce microplastic pollution. Materials made from this protein are eco-friendly and biodegradable, with sustainable large-scale production achieved using laboratory culture methods.

Pope opens historic summit on clergy sex abuse with warning

Pontiff tells church leaders the Catholic faithful are demanding not only condemnation of the crimes but concrete action to respond to the scandal

Entregó un paquete de Amazon en una casa y se llevó al perro, pero...

Levi Pislea, de 22 años, quien trabajaba para un servicio de entrega independiente, fue declarado culpable de robar a Wilma, un schnauzer en miniatura, cuando entregó un paquete de Amazon en abril del año pasado. Aunque él negó el robo, una aplicación de rastreo reveló lo que ocurrió. Fuente: Cnnenespanol.com