ALEPPO, Syria — To get to the front line in Aleppo you go right downtown, to where buildings are draped with sniper shields and the only running water comes from a public tap.


A sniper shield in Aleppo, Syria

A soldier led CBS News inside one of the ruined buildings to a sniper’s peephole, across from where opposition fighters are hiding.

More bombs fell in the besieged city Tuesday, killing eight people in one neighborhood alone.

As usual, some of the victims were just kids.

The Abdul Wahab family lives just two floors below that sniper position. They are just managing to get by, having taken in two orphans.

With the fighting outside, the grandmother said she makes a run for the kitchen to hide.

So far, she has been lucky, but thousands of others have not, on all sides of the war.


The Abdul Wahab family

The Syrian government said a rebel mortar hit a school Tuesday, leaving five more young Syrians dead.

Both the U.N. and Doctors Without Borders are pushing for a ceasefire — even a temporary one — to allow the evacuation of seriously wounded people from besieged Aleppo. So far, the Syrians and Russians are saying no.