Christchurch shootings: New Zealand falls silent for mosque victims

PM Jacinda Ardern leads a national day of reflection marking a week since the Christchurch attacks.

1,600 hotel guests were secretly filmed and livestreamed

Police said mini spy cameras were set up in TV set-top boxes, hair dryer cradles or electrical outlets in dozens of hotels

Imam says “New Zealand is unbreakable” in Friday prayers

People across the country are observing the Muslim call to prayer, with thousands gathering at Hagley Park opposite the Al Noor mosque

Highlighting social identity and peer group norms can increase water conservation

New research suggests that targeted use of behavioural 'nudges' can encourage people to conserve water. Researchers found that rather than giving people general information about the importance of saving water, emphasizing the water conserving actions of others in the same social group -- for example university students or local residents -- encourages similar behavior changes and reduces water demand.

Brexit: Three moments that raised a smile

Donald Tusk and Jean-Claude Juncker updated reporters at a press conference which had some lighter moments.

Energy stealthily hitches ride in global trade

Fulfilling the world's growing energy needs summons images of oil pipelines, electric wires and truckloads of coal. But research shows a lot of energy moves nearly incognito, embedded in the products, and leaves its environmental footprint home.

Study in mice examines impact of reused cooking oil on breast cancer progression

Compounds in thermally abused cooking oils may trigger genetic, biochemical changes that hasten the progression of late-stage breast cancer, promoting tumor cells' growth and proliferation.

Brexit: Theresa May ‘hopes’ UK will leave EU with a deal

The PM arrives at the EU summit, saying she has "personal regret" over her request to delay Brexit.

Netherlands tram shooting suspect to face terrorism charges

37-year-old Turkish man accused of killing 3 and seriously wounding 3 others in gun attack on tram in central Netherlands city of Utrecht

Alesha MacPhail murder: Life sentence for Aaron Campbell after he admits guilt

Aaron Campbell was told that he would have to serve at least 27 years before he could apply for parole.

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En un día de reflexión nacional, los neozelandeses rodearon de la comunidad musulmana para expresar su apoyo por el ataque terrorista que dejó 50 muertos. Miles de personas asistieron a un servicio conmemorativo en la mezquita de Al Noor antes de las oraciones del viernes. Fuente:

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