Spotify ‘in talks to take over Soundcloud’

Music streaming company Spotify is reported to be in 'advanced talks' to take over rival Soundcloud. Source: BBC

Oil rallies after Opec ministers announce output cut

The oil producers cartel Opec has agreed a preliminary deal to cut production for the first time in eight years, sending crude prices surging. Source: BBC

Common painkillers ‘increase heart failure risk’

Taking a common kind of painkiller is linked to an increased risk of heart failure, a study suggests. Source: BBC

Lyse Doucet: Colombia’s extraordinary peace process

The peace agreement between the Colombian government and the Farc guerrilla movement brings to an end 52 years of conflict Source: BBC

Sudan government accused of using chemical weapons in Darfur

The Sudanese government is allegedly using chemical weapons against its own people, killing dozens of children in Darfur, Amnesty International alleges. Source: BBC

Dip in the road

Thai women take baths in potholes to draw attention to unrepaired roads. Source: BBC

‘Thumbs up’ for Trafalgar Square’s fourth plinth artwork

The 11th artwork to sit on Trafalgar Square's Fourth Plinth is to be unveiled later. Source: BBC

Reeta Chakrabarti: Chile’s president defiant over abortion changes

Chile's first female president, Michelle Bachelet, has made it her mission to change her country's restrictive abortion laws. Source: BBC

An excuse to shop

Tourists continue to flock to the UK after the Brexit vote, but could an exit from the EU have long-term ill-effects on tourism? Source: BBC

Hugh Schofield: Sarkozy ex-adviser’s revenge on ‘fake tough guy’

The poisonous memoirs of a right-wing adviser at the Elysee Palace embarrass ex-President Nicolas Sarkozy as he plans for a presidential comeback. Source: BBC

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Trump administration plans on building global consensus after oil tanker attack

The Trump administration says the world must unite as it works to build a global consensus that Iran was behind Thursday's attacks on two oil tankers. So far, only Britain and Saudi Arabia are backing the case. Errol Barnett reports.

Hong Kong protesters flood the streets demanding city leader’s resignation

In Hong Kong, the outrage isn't letting up as some 2 million opponents hit the streets again Sunday demanding the city's leader resign for her support of an extradition bill that would send people to China to face trial and an uncertain future. Ramy Innocencio reports.

Hong Kong makes history as protesters denounce own government

Demonstrators called for the revocation of controversial extradition proposals​, the release of student demonstrators and the resignation of Chief Executive Carrie Lam