Human traffic jam atop Mount Everest’s “death zone”

Experienced Everest climbers said it's particularly busy this year, because weather conditions provided only five days where the skies were clear enough to summit

Risk of entrenched U.S.-China trade war seen rising

Experts worry the world's two biggest economies are plunging headlong into an economic cold war that could last years

Small explosion in French city leaves several injured

The cause of the blast wasn't immediately known

1 in 4 workers in U.S. get no paid vacation time or holidays

Compare that to Spain, where workers are guaranteed 25 paid vacation days and 14 paid holidays

Two die after Mount Everest traffic jam of climbers

American Donald Cash, 54, collapsed due to high altitude sickness while at

“American Taliban” released after 17 years behind bars

The man known as "The American Taliban" is a free man. John Walker Lindh left an Indiana prison early this morning after spending 17 years behind bars. Jeff Pegues reports.

Two climbers died on Mount Everest

Two climbers died trying to climb Mount Everest as the result of a traffic jam due to the good weather.

50 kids saved, 9 arrests as alleged online pedophilia ring busted

Global police agency Interpol says it is still trying to ID 100 more children seen in images shared by suspects on a "dark web" site

Texas Rep. says migrant girl’s death was “covered up”

"They covered up her death for eight months, even though we were actively asking the question about whether any child had died," Democratic Rep. Joaquin Castro told CBS News

Sherpa breaks his own record with 24th Mount Everest summit

For most people, climbing Mount Everest is just a dream. But Nepali mountaineer Kami Rita has reached the world's highest peak 24 times. Major Garrett has his story.

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El comunicado del gobierno de Guatemala no nombra al embajador, solo indica su cargo. Según la página web del gobierno el embajador se llama Nelson Olivero. Fuente:

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