With no proof, Trump accuses Democrats of supporting migrant caravan

At a rally in Missoula, Montana, the president accused Democrats – without evidence – of supporting a caravan of about 3,000 migrants heading for the U.S. border. The president threatens to mobilize the U.S. military and shut down the southern border to stop those migrants from entering the U.S. Chip Reid reports.

World’s largest Elvis gathering

The many faces of Elvis at the Elvies

USS Vinson nears Korean Peninsula

The Vinson battle group has been joined by Japanese destroyers and will soon be joined by South Korean ships, reports CBS News' David Martin

The role of Donald Trump and fake news in Israel’s election

PM Benjamin Netanyahu touts close ties with Trump as activist says fake social media accounts are working to boost the incumbent's chances

Trump tweet raises concern about nuclear policy

President Trump's tweet about having a "nuclear button" on his desk is raising concerns about the ongoing tensions with North Korea. But as CBS News national security correspondent David Martin reports, one expert says this doesn't mean America's nuclear policy has changed.

Clinic gives relief to Muslims with tattoo regrets

Laser removal provided for free as long as patients read and memorize a chapter of the Quran

Witness wracked with guilt over WWII crash honors fallen airmen

Tony Foulds was only 8 when he saw a damaged bomber try to land on a field where he was playing

2019: What to expect in Asia in the New Year?

CBS News correspondent Ben Tracy discusses what the coming year may bring for North Korea and its nuclear program, and the duel of tariffs between the Trump administration and China.

U.S. confirms airstrike kills al-Shabab commander in Somalia

President Donald Trump earlier this year approved expanded military operations against the al-Qaeda-linked group

U.S., China ramp up warnings against N. Korea ahead of celebration

Signs emerge of close cooperation between U.S., China about North Korean threat before nation celebrates founder's birthday

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Trump administration plans on building global consensus after oil tanker attack

The Trump administration says the world must unite as it works to build a global consensus that Iran was behind Thursday's attacks on two oil tankers. So far, only Britain and Saudi Arabia are backing the case. Errol Barnett reports.

Hong Kong protesters flood the streets demanding city leader’s resignation

In Hong Kong, the outrage isn't letting up as some 2 million opponents hit the streets again Sunday demanding the city's leader resign for her support of an extradition bill that would send people to China to face trial and an uncertain future. Ramy Innocencio reports.

Hong Kong makes history as protesters denounce own government

Demonstrators called for the revocation of controversial extradition proposals​, the release of student demonstrators and the resignation of Chief Executive Carrie Lam