New Zealand shooting highlights problems of white extremism

The New Zealand Mosque Shootings have shed new light on the rising problem of white extremism. Jeff Pegues joins CBSN to discuss what might be causing the uptick and what the U.S. can be doing to address the dangers of right-wing extremism. Former Army Special Agent Jim Hanson later joins with insight on tackling the reality of these attacks and what role foreign terror groups may be playing in domestic right-wing extremism.

49 dead, dozens more injured in New Zealand mosque shootings

Australian-born suspect who apparently livestreamed part of the attack has been charged with murder in Christchurch

Students around the world march against inaction on climate change

With coordinated "school strikes" in more than 100 countries, young people protest inefficient policies to protect the Earth's climate for future generations

New Zealand shooter’s rifles covered in white supremacist symbols

Man seen in livestreamed video of mosque massacre even listened to music embraced by anti-Muslim movement online

How CBS News covered John McCain’s 1973 release

CBS News correspondent Bruce Dunning described McCain as "the most seriously marked" of the 108 prisoners released

Soyuz rocket boosts U.S.-Russian crew to space station

The flight came five months after two of the crew members went through a harrowing launch abort

Israel begins airstrikes in response to rocket attack out of the Gaza Strip

Israeli military retaliated after an apparent rocket attack on Tel Aviv, marking the first time the city was targeted since a 2014 war against Gaza militants

Photographer captures final images of Kenya’s “Elephant Queen”

The photographer who took the touching images called it a "victory" she died of natural causes rather than poaching like many other tuskers usually are

8 killed and dozens trapped in Nigeria school collapse

Anguished families crowded around the flattened remains of the building, which housed an elementary school, holding out hope more would be found alive

Trump grounds Boeing 737 Max 8 jets after deadly crash

President Trump announced Wednesday the FAA would ground all Boeing 737 Max planes. The decision comes after an Ethiopian Airlines crash killed 157 people. Kris Van Cleave has the latest.

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