Contrary to popular belief, coca not the driving force of deforestation, report reveals

Most of the world’s coca—the plant source of cocaine—grows in the Amazon forests of the Andean countries of Colombia, Peru and Bolivia, where many think this illicit crop causes deforestation. However, a team of researchers shows that most deforestation isn’t caused by coca cultivation. In fact, the study found that deforestation and coca both share a common origin in the implementation of an infrastructure plan from the 1960s to open the Amazon frontier through road construction and development projects.

Structure of the BinAB toxin revealed

Could we get rid of mosquitoes without polluting the environment? Yes, we can, say researchers. The BinAB toxin, produced in crystal form by a bacterium, specifically kills the larvae of Culex and Anopheles mosquitoes, but it is inactive on tiger mosquitoes (or Aedes), the vectors for dengue fever and chikungunya. Knowledge of the molecular structure of BinAB is necessary if we are to broaden its spectrum of action.

Scientists reveal how signals from pathogenic bacteria reach danger sensors of cells

An essential protein induced by the signaling protein interferon is needed to activate danger-sensing proteins in the cytoplasm of cells, scientists describe in a new report.

Are suburban garden ponds spreading lethal frog disease?

Keen gardeners stocking their domestic ponds with exotic or wild aquatic species could be inadvertently fueling the rapid spread of the lethally infectious frog disease ranavirus in England, according to new research.

Food additive key to environmentally friendly, efficient, plastic solar cells

An efficient, semi-printed plastic solar cell has now been created without the use of environmentally hazardous halogen solvents.

Sandy’s surge topped by ‘rogue’ 1950 storm in some areas

In November 1950, a freak storm spawned a record storm surge in Atlantic City and a near-record surge at Sandy Hook. Scientists are studying weather systems known as extratropical cyclones or nontropical storms, and the storm surges they have generated along the northern East Coast.

Human and avian running on uneven ground

Humans and birds adapt their movement when running on uneven ground. "And even though their adaptation mechanisms and strategies developed completely independently, they do so in very similar ways", outlines a new report that analyzes human and avian locomotion on uneven ground. 

Genes underlying dogs’ social ability revealed

The social ability of dogs is affected by genes that also seems to influence human behavior, according to a new study. The scientists have found a relationship between five different genes and the ability of dogs to interact with humans. Four of them also show similarities to certain conditions in humans.

Saving two adult eagles per year to save the population of this endangered species

Dying due to electrocution at the power lines is the most common death for Bonelli’s eagle (Aquila fasciata), a threatened species in Europe. New work shows a statistic model to evaluate the impact of electrocution deaths in Bonelli's eagle in Catalonia, and quantifies which mitigation actions would be necessary to preserve the eagle population in different areas.

Consumption of a bioactive compound from Neem plant could significantly suppress development of prostate...

Oral administration of nimbolide, over 12 weeks shows reduction of prostate tumor size by up to 70 per cent and decrease in tumor metastasis by up to 50 per cent, report investigators.

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