Fact-Checking the First Debate Live

Our team of reporters is fact-checking Hillary Clinton and Donald J. Trump on the economy, trade and other issues.

Trump and Clinton Discuss Alicia Machado

During Monday’s presidential debate, Hillary Clinton quoted insults that Alicia Machado, a Miss Universe pageant winner, attributed to Donald J. Trump, while Mr. Trump showed disbelief at the insinuations.

190 Countries Adopt Plan to Offset Jet Emissions

The measure takes effect in 2021 and will for the first time reduce the climate impact of international jet travel. The first six years will be voluntary.

News Analysis: Donald Trump Would Have Trouble Winning a Suit Over The Times’s Tax...

Some legal experts point to a 2001 Supreme Court case in which justices ruled in favor of a radio station that broadcast a surreptitious recording.

Ex-Marine Describes Violent Hazing and the Lies That Covered It Up

A top-notch recruit who was expelled from the Marines said his superiors told trainees to lie about punching, kicking and choking by drill instructors.

In Kashmir, Pakistan Questions India’s ‘Surgical Strikes’ on Militants

Villagers and military officials on the Pakistani side of the Line of Control rejected India’s claims that it had destroyed militant bases in this disputed region.

Mediator: On Twitter, Hate Speech Bounded Only by a Character Limit

Founded on the ideas of openness and free speech, Twitter pulses with venom, much of it from pseudonymous accounts — the white hoods of our time.

Essay: A Mets Fan’s Daughter Catches the Bug

A longtime fan who has shared his passion for baseball with three male friends, mainly through an email conversation, embraces his daughter’s entry into the fold.

At Booz Allen, a Vast U.S. Spy Operation, Run for Private Profit

Booz Allen Hamilton, the firm that employed the contractor accused of stealing secrets from the National Security Agency, earns billions of dollars each year in intelligence work.

Tip: How to Remember People’s Names

A little homework ahead of time doesn’t hurt.

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Embajador de Guatemala en México resulta herido en accidente vehicular, al menos una persona...

El comunicado del gobierno de Guatemala no nombra al embajador, solo indica su cargo. Según la página web del gobierno el embajador se llama Nelson Olivero. Fuente: Cnnenespanol.com

El día de la amistad de Trump y Abe comienza con un tuit que...

Trump tuiteó, mientras se alistaba para una ronda de golf con Abe, que no cree que las recientes pruebas de misiles de corto alcance de Corea del Norte sean perturbadoras. Así es viajar en el Air Force One con Donald Trump Fuente: Cnnenespanol.com

Tras causar retraso a vuelo de pasajeros, renuncia secretaria de Medio Ambiente y Recursos...

(CNN Español) — Josefa González-Blanco, secretaria de Medio Ambiente y Recursos Naturales de México, presentó su renuncia al presidente Andrés Manuel López Obrador este sábado, según publicó la propia González en sus redes sociales. “El día de ayer al iniciar una gira de trabajo, causé un retraso a los pasajeros y tripulación. No hay justificación. Fuente: Cnnenespanol.com