At Paris Fashion Week, Who’s Got the Power?

Fashion’s cycle has turned again, and the balance of influence has shifted, with new names at Dior, Lanvin, YSL and Valentino reshaping more than silhouettes.

The 4 Traits That Put Kids at Risk for Addiction

Early trials show that personality testing can identify 90 percent of the highest risk children, targeting risky traits before they cause problems.

Recipes to Debate

Chicken breasts with lemon, green beans with shallots and more bipartisan dishes.

Obama Says African-American Museum Will Tell of ‘Suffering and Delight’

Mr. Obama, dedicating the museum on Saturday, said that the story of black Americans is the story of the nation’s essential greatness.

Penn Station Reborn

We asked the architect Vishaan Chakrabarti what it would take to truly transform Penn Station. Here is his proposal.

Houston Shooting Leaves Gunman Dead and Nine Others Injured, Police Say

The gunman was a lawyer who had issues with his law firm, the police said at a news conference. Nine other people were injured.

India Claims ‘Surgical Strikes’ in Pakistani-Controlled Kashmir

Pakistan played down the early morning operation, which it said killed two of its soldiers, calling it ordinary “cross-border fire initiated by India.”

Spock: Half-Vulcan. Half-Human. All Outsider Role Model.

A documentary by Adam Nimoy explores how his father’s “Star Trek” character, Spock, provided inspiration to those who saw themselves as different.

German Prosecutors Side With Satire, Not Turkish President

Prosecutors saw no crime in a satirical poem about Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Turkish president, and dropped charges against a German comedian.

Deep Scars and Complacency Defeated Colombia’s Peace Deal

Months of polling had predicted a wide margin of victory for the agreement between the Colombian government and the FARC, the country’s largest rebel group.

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Arquidiócesis de México crea grupo para erradicar los abusos sexuales “de raíz”

Se indicó que en estos momentos hay diez casos de sacerdotes acusados de pederastia que se vienen revisando en coordinación con autoridades civiles Fuente:

Fitch Rating baja su pronóstico de crecimiento económico para México en 2019

La agencia calificadora recortó a 1,6% su estimación del PIB para este año desde un previo de 2,1%, al tomar en cuenta la desaceleración de la economía nacional en el cuarto trimestre de 2018. Fuente:

Google rinde homenaje a Johann Sebastian Bach con su primer doodle impulsado por inteligencia...

Por primera vez, Google presenta un Doodle que, a través de inteligencia artificial, es capaz de crear armonías y "componer" una canción. Fuente: