Hong Kong protesters form human chains across city

Protest was inspired by The Baltic Way, where 2 million people held hands across Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia in 1989 to push back against the Soviet Union

Brazil officials call Amazon fire outrage “sensationalist”

Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaro encouraged development in the Amazon rainforest. Now he's calling global backlash "sensationalist"

Brazil’s leader says he might send military to fight Amazon fires

Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaro under increasing international pressure to contain record number of fires in Amazon

How microbes generate and use their energy to grow

Researchers have shed light on how bacteria and baker's yeast generate and use their energy to grow. Knowing about cells' energy use is essential for industrial biotech processes.

Successful egg harvest breaks new ground in saving the northern white rhinoceros

There are only two northern white rhinos left worldwide, both of them female. Saving this representative of megafauna from extinction seems impossible under these circumstances, yet an international consortium of scientists and conservationists just completed a procedure that could enable assisted reproduction techniques to do just that.

How gonorrhea develops resistance to antibiotics

As public health officials worry about the emergence of antibiotic-resistant gonorrhea, researchers are tracing how antibiotics bind to a gonococcal protein, information that can help lead to new antimicrobials.

Bioprinting complex living tissue in just a few seconds

Researchers have developed an extremely fast optical method for sculpting complex shapes in stem-cell-laden hydrogels and then vascularizing the resulting tissue. Their groundbreaking technique stands to change the field of tissue engineering.

Can researchers engage safely with the food industry?

Researchers are exploring ways to help scientists better protect their work from the influence of the food industry.

PC Andrew Harper: Family tribute to ‘hero’ officer

Officers hold a silence for PC Andrew Harper as his parents pay tribute to their "superhero" son.

Amazon fires: Merkel and Macron urge G7 to debate ’emergency’

The French and German leaders want the issue debated at the G7 summit, but Brazil’s leader is angry.

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Tropical Storm Dorian gathering strength over the Atlantic

The National Hurricane Center said Sunday that Dorian​ could intensify to near hurricane strength over the eastern Caribbean Sea by Tuesday

Hong Kong protests turn dangerous after officer fires warning shot

Police drew their guns and fired a warning shot Sunday night after a group attacked them with sticks and rods, sparking an escalation in the summerlong protests

Louisiana beats Curacao 8-0 to win Little League World Series

With Louisiana's victory, U.S. teams have won back-to-back Little League crowns for the first time since 2009